#10: The Goldstar Bar

The interesting thing about the Goldstar Bar isn't the decor, drink list, clientele, or location. The interesting thing about the Goldstar Bar is the long list of things you aren't allowed to bring into the bar (shown in the second picture below). Some of the items were unclear to us, but as near as we could tell the list of items you can't bring into the bar includes from left to right, top to bottom): (If you can identify any of the "unknowns" on this list, please contact us and tell us what they are.)

All in all, it's quite a list. Since we weren't sure what some of the items on the sign meant we erred on the side of caution and didn't go in. In addition, the two women guarding the entrance looked kinda grim and unwelcoming. We figure anyone who puts up a sign like this doesn't really want people to come in, so we stayed far, far away. Bonus: Judging by the picture, children as young as 3 are welcome in the bar!

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