#7: Ben's Bar

The award for "Most Creative Name" has to go to "Ben's Bar", owned by Ben himself. There's not a lot to say about Ben's Bar except that it's owned by a guy named Ben. Tucked in between the Starlight Lounge and some kind of a mini-mart place, Ben's Bar is often empty or close to it. Either Ben doesn't speak Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Spanish, Urdu, or Klingon, or else he simply chooses not to talk with his customers. Period. He does speak "US Dollar" and will grudgingly get you a beer if you lay a buck down on the counter. Ben also doesn't believe in air conditioning, soft chairs, cold beer, or snappy service, which is probably why it's high on our list of Places Not To Bother Going Back To (second only to The Corruption Bar). Instead, we'd probably walk about 10 feet to the left and visit the Starlight Lounge, the next bar in our series.

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