#3: Corruption Bar

The Corruption Bar is also located in Kompong Som, not far from the beach. I apologize for the poor quality of the image (taken from a moving vehicle) but we had to make a hasty getaway from this place for various reasons. The beer is tepid and the inside has more than its share of flies as well as barflys. The Corruption is a place that might not appeal to folks without guns, knives, or a propensity to wrassle in the dirt at the drop of a hat. Taking pictures inside is frowned upon, and when we say "frowned upon", we mean the "crack your head open" kind of frowned upon. It's hard to recommend The Corruption Bar unless you have a hankering for stitches and blood transfusions. And maybe not even then. We don't recommend it- there are much nicer places in Kompong Som where you can get a sucking chest wound for free.

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