#6: The Any Club

We're pretty sure that the owner picked the name "The Any Club" for a specific reason: when your cab or tuk-tuk driver asks you "what club you want to go to" and you reply, "Oh, any club", you're gonna end up here. The Any Club is located in downtown Phnom Penh and serves great mixed drinks, good food, and the beer is as cold as you could ask for. The major downside to the Any Club is the warning disclaimer on the sign: Disco Music.

That's right, you may be minding your own business, enjoying your beer, and suddenly you're assaulted by Kool And The Gang or The Village People. They do play Anita Ward (Ring My Bell) occasionally so it's not a total loss, but let's face it: listening to disco in Phnom Penh is like eating chocolate without taking the tinfoil off of it first. Sometimes the music is a little loud (actually, if disco is played so you can hear it, it's too loud), but other than that, it's a nice place. Legend has it that the mahogany bar is polished nightly with genuine imported yak tears.

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