Cambodian Adventure

In December of 2006 I traveled to Cambodia to become engaged to my lovely fiance. I knew very little about Cambodia when I left. My trip was incredible; Cambodia is a fantastic place and I learned many interesting things but in spite of that I survived to tell the story of my trip anyway.

I dodged landmines, avoided dysentery, and escaped from bandit girls in the streets. I picked off leeches, caught diarheaa, came down with heatstroke, and ate foods that made my stomach cramp worse than listening to all of Britney Spears' albums in a row. I made it through the incredible Cambodian traffic which in and of itself should have earned me a medal for extreme bravery and/or stupidity.

I took lots of pictures, including some in places that I was not supposed to. The pictures each have a small story associated with them, and virtually eveything you will read here is absolutely true. A few names have been changed, not to protect anyone but mostly because I couldn't pronounce them.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

I first flew to Taipei, taking off at 3 in the morning from Seattle-Tacoma airport. The flight to Taipei was 14 hours long and was almost as fun as back-to-back root canals. In Taipei they then led us to this nice big plane:

It's a very nice plane, isn't it? Unfortunately it was not the one we were going on. Instead we went on this tiny little plane hidden behind it which had the benefit of not having to carry those big heavy engines that the larger planes are forced to have.

The other passengers made a lot of loud talking in their language when they saw this tiny plane but the bus driver guy told us "everything fine, it's good plane, yeah" so I was not worried. It had new tires too.

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