Cambodian Adventure

They told us we would not be able to take any pictures on the plane, but I took some anyway just to show that they were wrong.

See? My camera worked fine. I had to hold it way down low so no one would see it. The plane was clean but it made a really loud metal noise when we flew off the runway; I think that those parts were just extras pieces anyway becuase that plane made it all the way to Cambodia and landed okay. Well pretty okay, except it was a really hard landing. We went *BANG* onto the ground, then bounced up into the air, then down again *BANG* We did this two or three times. Some of us argued about whether we landed or if we were shot down. The pilots all shouted YAY when the plane finally stopped but it was in a foriegn language so I don't know if they were happy about it or what. I think it's Cambodian custom to say a prayer whenever they land because they said "Oh god, Oh god, Oh god," over and over. They're really religious pilots.

Another good thing about the small planes like this is that they don't carry any food so you don't need to eat or drink anything for the whole trip. Yay!

So, after nearly a day of flying I was finally in Cambodia!

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