Cambodian Adventure

It was time to leave. My trip was over. I had visited my fiance and we got engaged in a beautiful traditional Cambodian ceremony. This is her all dressed up for the engagement and also one of her blowing me a kiss in an internet cafe. (Yes, it's her in both pictures.) Isn't she beautiful? I am the luckiest guy in the whole world.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures of Cambodia and the many interesting things there.
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The story continues...

I went to Cambodia every other month for a year and a half (10 trips altogether!), visiting my sweetheart until she could finally come back with me to the US. Each trip was a lot of fun, and you can check out the trip stories using the links below. It's really best to do them in order so ya get the full effect.

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My second trip to Cambodia.
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My second trip (continued).
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My third trip to Cambodia.
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My fourth trip to Cambodia.
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My fifth trip to Cambodia.
The Mud Garden, Awesome Landings, Phnom Penh Traffic Insanity
My sixth trip to Cambodia.
More Traffic Insanity, Scary Mannequins, Fish Bladders, and The Buffet Of Death
My seventh trip to Cambodia.
Christmas In Cambodia, How NOT To Laugh, And Awesomely Cool Nails
My eighth trip to Cambodia.
Trafic Cops, Death To Schoolgirls, Hooting Noises, And The Magic Traffic Horn