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I have a weakness for Big Macs and for Gorditas. It's sick, I know.

I'm stoked we finally have a European fry kart here (like Fritz in Van, my fave!), and it's right next to a trailer that serves an awesome burger. They don't know it but we refer to them as Dirty Burger after Trailer Park Boys.
Oooh Thanks for restarting this thread! I'm tutoring drawing and one of my students loves to draw dragons. Great one-stop source here!

Anyone else as excited as me to see Smaug come to life under Peter Jackson's sure hand? oboyoboyoboy!!!!!1
Streets new album Everything Is Borrowed. Loving it!  
 Michel wrote:
Wouhou more Starbucks !  

And I'm all: "Woohoo more Blenz!"

High speed rail up and down the west coast that doesn't take a back seat to regular rail would be terrific. I've been delayed nearly every time I've taken Amtrak to Seattle. And I'd love to be able to hop on a train to Van!
Discover Seattle! / Re: Obama WINS
Nov 05 08 10:23
Yes! Yes! Yes We Did!

I am so relieved and happy right now! Now I can be known as the once-and-future-Canadian. I don't have to worry about my country anymore.

On the landslide issue, if you look at the electoral map it's clearly at least a blowout. The list of formerly solidly republican states that turned toward the truth is staggering. Florida, Indiana, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio. And the fact that places like Montana, North Carolina, and Georgia are or were too close to call speaks volumes.

And the popular vote to me says landslide as well. At this moment it's over 63 million to nearly 56 million. 52% to 46%. Blowout! Landslide! Mandate!
Hi again all!

I know you've all heard it to death by now but... all Yanks need to make sure to cast a ballot today!!!!

The republican nasties will be out in force rigging vote machines, challenging voters, etc. We need to simply overwhelm them with numbers!

And If you're not doing anything else get out and volunteer. I'm volunteering for Obama today and, frankly, I'm scared stupid 'cuz I hate to actually talk to people. But it must be done!
Crazed on British hip hop, grime and dubstep. The Mitchell Brothers are current faves. Check out "Solemate", the best (only?) love song to shoes ever:
[a href=""][/a]
I just found Professor Green but he's not on iTunes yet so I'm bumming - I might have to set foot in one of those ... what do you call 'em?...rec-ord...stores. Check out "Amy Winehouse addiction", it's the perfect song for me right now - it has another new music crush of mine, and it's about my favorite intoxicant.
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I don't have time to post today since I'm off to work. I just have time to scroll through for anything interesting on my way to my e-mail account.  
I just bought the Pink Panther theme on iTunes. Sorry if it gets stuck in your head.  
I don't have time to post on DS much these days. So if you see me on here remind me I have artwork and yardwork to work on and I shouldn't be wasting time with empty posts.
There's still daylight out now and I really planned on getting the yard mowed today...
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins  
Speaking of great metal covers, anyone here like/know Apocalyptica? Heavy Metal classics and originals done by a wicked cello quartet. (never thought I'd say that) Genius!
This isn't the best video, but it's my favorite song they do (with drums)
[a href=""][/a]
LOL!!! That was great! I love their Iron Maiden cover too.  
I am really strung out on British hip hop/grime right now.
Mitchell Brothers are one of my favorites.
[a href=""][/a]

PBM likes energy drinks