Your Favorite Fast Food Joint

Started by Lise, Oct 23 08 04:35

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My bad. I thought it was the other bug. Oh well. That's one nasty bug no matter what.

  I like Arbys and their curly fries. Hmmm.... haven't had those in ages. Must go eat one now!!!

  I miss Wendy's southwestern chicken salad. I know they're loaded with calories but that the one I also ate when I was pregnant. Like I was constantly craving it at one point. They don't have it any more.
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 Marik wrote:
 never even heard of them... are they in the states?

Yeah. You probably remember them from the Paris Hilton car ad where she prances around a sports car.
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ohhhhhh!! that one! yeah all I remember was she ate some burger while washing a car with not much clothing on.  

Lil Me

Anyone tried the A&W Uncle Burger yet?  
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Meaty Uncle

Had it a few times, I like it. Nice meaty taste for a fast food burger.


No but it looks really good. I had their sirloin burger when it was on promotion... wondering if they're the same with different name.
Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.
Bill Cosby.

Future Canadian

I have a weakness for Big Macs and for Gorditas. It's sick, I know.

I'm stoked we finally have a European fry kart here (like Fritz in Van, my fave!), and it's right next to a trailer that serves an awesome burger. They don't know it but we refer to them as Dirty Burger after Trailer Park Boys.
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