Dallas Shootings

Started by TehBorken, Jul 08 16 08:25

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I suppose if you let the police shoot citizens to death over and over and over without any accountability or punishment, you shouldn't be surprised if some of them start shooting back.  I don't condone what happened, but the media is as clueless as they could possibly be:
Megyn Kelly: "We do not know the motivation behind tonight's shooting in Dallas"

Yahoo: "Nor do authorities know what motivated the attack..."

Chief David Brown said, "...police don't have a motivation for the attacks"

Zero Hedge: "No specific motive has been given for the shootings at the downtown protest..."
Holy shit, I'm an old white guy and I know why EXACTLY the shootings took place.

It's no mystery, this isn't something you need to puzzle out. It's plain f*cking as day: you let cops go around shooting and killing people, mostly young black men, and you don't punish or convict them. Sooner or later someone is going to pop a gasket and start shooting at cops.

For the media to say that they "don't know why this happened" is the stupidest thing I've heard in a long, long time.
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