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admin: please delete my account, I no longer wish to participate in this forum, thank you and best wishes... mr pom

I just blessed the Raging Poodle! account

Discover Seattle! / Re: Bug-sting Pain Scale
« on: Mar 25 07 11:28 »
are those baby black widows?

  a buddy and I were just talking today about this topic... he just saw his first widow of the season, I saw one about a month or so ago... the big ones are so creepy looking

Discover Seattle! / Re: Pictures Only Please!
« on: Mar 25 07 10:45 »
are cat pictures allowed here?  :P


Discover Seattle! / Re: Who Quit
« on: Mar 25 07 07:55 »
yes :)

  I am doing ok now too :)

  I don't think I could handle being in a regular job, now, actually... after you have roughed the entrepreneur way most of your life it becomes difficult to do anything else...

  one important skill that is required is to be able to live under the stress of uncertain financial outlook at times.... there is no security in jumping in to this life path, but there are alot of plusses for those that are up to it


  and PC, what I said is true, what seems so stressful and insurmountable now will have a way of working itself out and you will be looking back someday soon with a smile on your face :)      

Discover Seattle! / Re: Who Quit
« on: Mar 25 07 07:43 »
thanks, but yeah, at the time it felt like the world coming down on my shoulders... but time does heal and it is amazing how your perspective on things changes so much after just a short period of time, and even moreso years after!  what seemed insurmountable and like the end of the world at the time seems so minor a year or two later :)

Discover Seattle! / Re: Bug-sting Pain Scale
« on: Mar 25 07 07:42 »
that is an awesome link borken!

  I was hoping to find various spider bites in the list...

  I have heard that a brown recluse bite is nearly painless, until the skin starts to fester and ulcerate the next week after

  I wonder where a black widow bite rates, or a common wolf spider, etc?

Discover Seattle! / Re: Who Quit
« on: Mar 25 07 07:38 »
I've been self employed in various ventures my whole life, so quitting was more a matter of throwing in the towel when a business became more painful and less profitable than it was worth.

  I ran a printing business for a number of years, and started to really hate it, the squeeze on profit margins, heavy competition for a limited market, working with solvents and inks, accounts receivables growing and becoming a full time job trying to collect.... etc etc etc

  I finally had enough and just shut it down one day, lived like a pauper for months and went on to the next phase of my life... best decision I've ever made :)

  (funny, in the middle of that crisis I also broke up with a long long term girlfriend as well, so it was all a big time of change and upheaval, but looking back I am glad for it, stronger for it, and better off for it)  

I made it very clear that stalking that crosses over into a real-life situation was not at all acceptable and was not what was meant by this. To even bring that kind of real life thing into THIS issue is just completely muddying my original point, and is a convenient way to end the discussion before it even started. This whole disagreement was based on online, non real life, harrassment and flaming. The only thing that mattered the most to me, was consistency. If one poster was to be admonished for a specific behaviour, I expected the next poster to be held to the same standard... nothing more, nothing less.... the fact that a consistent application of such a rule depending on personalities became a difficult judgement call, made it seem to me that the only way to be fair to all would be to allow everyone equal access to the ability to flame.  

  This was only based on flaming harrassment online between online personas, nothing more.

  And on another note, and to make this clear to any that care and may still be confused, my resigning has nothing to do with this policy issue itself, either way that it was chosen to apply a rule would have been fine with me (although I am still uncomfortable with a purely subjective flaming rule). One thing that I always operate on, in real life and as a mod, is from a position of loyalty. This is one of the most important virtues I believe in. I hold others to the same standards, and when it becomes clear to me that saving face or self promotion is more important to someone, I find it impossible to consider myself to being on a team with such a person. I will thus choose to remain resigned from modding for the foreseeable future.    

gee, I've been out of touch with the new consoles, but I was hoping that they had figured out a way to keep hacks at bay with the new stuff.... what a shame to hear otherwise

  should probably just get a wii anyways, and forget about the online thing

ydvmod is not the one that has deleted any posts recently

Raging Poodle, there is no big conspiracy going on, and nothing that ydv is hiding

  sometimes in life you just question to yourself about the way you are investing your valuable time as the days go by, and sometimes things happen that help the decision along, and you think to yourself that perhaps the time you have been spending has been a waste....  

tenkani said:

  Don't mix flaming and stalking in the same sentence for instance. Flaming is an integral part of the beauty of DV. Stalking is a loaded I don't know why he went there.

    I will tell you why I went there... this issue was about stalking, not real life of course, but harrassing posts in multiple threads every single day, many posters follow others into multiple threads whenever they post, change the subject, and insult every day continually... that is what I was trying to stop, maybe I was wrong in thinking that was a problem.

  anyways, I don't really need the headache, and am quitting as a moderator


Raging Poodle! wrote:
 Ok, checking the responses in both places now...

As can be expected DV version turned into a little hatefest. (They're even trashtalking tehBork now!) LOL

So I decided to deal with the haters there, and carry on with the more reasoned debate over here.

Besides, this little tidbit I captured right before I went to bed doesn't inspire much confidence in me that what I say over there on this matter will be worth the energy:

     [TABLE id=Table2 style="COLOR: midnightblue; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica; 10pt: " cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=10 width="100%" border=0] [TBODY] [TR bgColor=gainsboro] [TD style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold" vAlign=top align=left]modulusruptura[/TD] [TD colSpan=2][img title="" height=15 alt="" hspace=3 src="file:///C:/BKUP/icon_posticon.gif" width=15 border=0][FONT size=1]Posted - 3/22/2007 1:43:52 AM[/FONT]   [HR noShade SIZE=1] and on a new note, you should screenshot this thread as well, as I am tired of this line of discussion which just turns into mod-bashing when we are just doing our best with our donation of effort, we are not perfect

I am going to delete this thread shortly, you can keep your dv mod bashing over on ds then where they relish such things
[/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE] In the morning the comment above was gone...



 Raging Poodle, why do you have to jump on every little thing like it is supposed to be so profound or something? I deleted this post, shortly after, when I thought about it and decided that I wasn't going to delete the thread... I thought about what you had said elsewhere, and figured "well, he has a point, what harm does leaving threads like that up really do"... so I changed my mind and left the thread

 and to p.c. ... my comment about ds relishing these things is a bit tongue in cheek, as I know that most of you probably don't even look at the dv threads here...


  this is not a matter of 'pushing it'... it has nothing to do with hate speech or anything like that... this is simply a policy that a few of the mods have chosen to follow in the handling of the daily squabbles and flaming that go with the forum... if a poster wants to venture into the free and open frontier that is the internet forum called dv, don't whine to the mods if someone insults you or flames you.... it goes with the territory. We are not going to participate in the kindergarten atmosphere of tattletales and whining and crying and he said she said and so and so said something mean to me kind of crap... If a poster can't handle being flamed, there is an easy solution.    

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