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Author Topic: U.S. wants to charge Canadians to look at their trash  (Read 1159 times)


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[H2]U.S. wants to charge Canadians to look at their trash[/H2][DIV id=author][P class=source]Associated Press

[/DIV][DIV id=article style="FONT-SIZE: 100%"][!-- dateline --]WASHINGTON [!-- /dateline --]— A budget plan approved by the Senate includes language that could start the process of collecting fees from Canadian trash haulers to inspect shipments at the U.S. border.

The measure, written by senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin of the border state Michigan, could allow the United States to make Canada pay up to $45-million (U.S.) in inspection fees for exporting trash. The Michigan Democrats have tried to restrict the influx of trash into landfills in their state, where more than 400 truckloads cross the border each day.

“It is only fair that Canada pays for this service,” Stabenow said. “Michigan's taxpayers should not shoulder the costs of inspecting trash that we don't want sent here in the first place.”

[DIV class="bigbox ad" id=boxR][SCRIPT type=text/XXXXscript ads="1"]aPs="boxR";[/SCRIPT][SCRIPT type=text/XXXXscript]var boxRAC = fnTdo('a'+'ai',300,250,ai,'j',nc);[/SCRIPT][/DIV]The provision was included in the $2.8-trillion Senate budget plan approved Thursday on a 51-49 vote that sent it to the House of Representatives for action.

Michigan's legislators have said the trash raises considerable security problems, noting that past inspections have found medical waste and illegal drugs in the trucks. The budget provision followed a recent Department of Homeland Security inspector general's report that said improvements are needed in the inspection process.

“We need to devise a way to effectively inspect these trash shipments, and if there is no way to inspect them adequately, we simply should not allow them into this country,” Mr. Levin said.

Several details need to be worked out. Homeland Security would need to come up with improved inspection processes, and the bill would need to comply with trade agreements.

On the legislative front, Ms. Stabenow's office is working with the Senate finance committee on the best way to implement the inspection process, spokeswoman Angela Benander said.

Brooke Grantham, a spokesman for International Trade Canada, refused immediate comment. A message seeking comment was left with a Homeland Security official.

In the House, Michigan legislators have pushed a bill to give states more power to regulate shipment of municipal solid waste from other countries. The bill, awaiting consideration on the House floor, would require the federal government to implement a 1992 agreement with Canada on trash.

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Seems the US only wants free trade when it's free for them.


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And once those damn pine beetles eat up all the pine trees, the US won't want to do trade with B.C.


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