||||greatest love story ever told|||| gone wrong....

Started by LifelessjectoR, Aug 20 07 10:19

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[FONT size=2]*||||Greatest love story ever tolD||||* exept she chose LYNX the frenchman

Type: Common Interest - Beauty
Description: Love is a joke, because FATE is a computer that controls our lives, we never get what we truly want.

love is the same as hate, always in battle, you can see this at night time.. there are blue orbs and red orbs in constant battle and no1 wins

the trick is to find GREEN light, where love and hate fuse together into ZERO '0' teh nuetral force
then is flipped and fused into INFINITY the "8" symbol

anyway i have no life left this is my final message, i dont fukkin care if the LURKERS kill me for releasing the TRUTH of the world.. truth is LIFE IS A GAME

chrono cross.


details of my story gone wrong:..........

"ill find you someday, in this world or the next, even if i have to cross TIME, ill find you "PetE"
quote from the greatest love story ever told...CHRONO CROSS by Schala "kidd" ZEAL =Amy......:)


i know you think im crazy but you are the girl SCHALA from my video game CHRONO CROSS, this is no joke it's a very MAGICAL GAME, with a very REAL story, and i have been to this games' world before in my dreams. This is possible for a game to become real becuase of a SECRET, that humans are INFINATE energy that have been MANIPULATED to the system and have other evil forces enter our hearts and minds... now ALL things will change because of 2007 up to 2012 ENLIGHTENMENT.... i know things are very hard now, and very negative, its the final battle of our souls till 2012. after that you are infinate LOVE energy FOREVER, and i want to share my LOVE with you only, please! or earth might not live past 2012, if there is not the right love. :( maby 2012 is wrong by date it could be ANYTIME, like tomorrow!!!!!


you "SHALA" bump into me and we join to fight LYNX the evil guy :) and you have a special necklace the STAR AMULET that crosses into worlds. *blushes*

LYNX uses the FROZEN FLAME in the dragon god temple to SWITCH my soul with his own soul, so now my soul is in LYNX's body, hes a CATMAN hehe.

then LYNX using MY body stabs YOU schala "kid" zeal in the stomach.....:(

So now YOU "schala" are following LYNX around with my body as a disguise... :(

There are 2 worlds in this game, so now i travel both worlds finding the dragon elements of life, to open the SEA OF EDEN.

in the sea of eden is a place that controls the world FATE, but fate is a MAN-made computer system that manipulates the people, (just like our own earth is manipulated)

there is also TERRA TOWER wich is in opposition to FATE, and was biult by the REPTILES (just like our own world with reptiles and aliens [img alt=:o src="http://s3.images.proboards.com/shocked.gif" border=0])

Both the REPTILES and HUMANS, are connected to the source of life for the world wich was LAVOS, LAVOS is an alien that landed on the planet, and created life on the planet!

however lavos wants to consume this world in order to have energy to move to the next world...
(so sad... just like the evil forces want to consume us on earth)

So now i finally manage to save SCHALA(Amy) from lynx, by getting my soul back using the TEAR OF HATE, and The TEAR OF LOVE and defeat FATE and TERRA TOWER.

We finally get the CHRONO CROSS, and find out that SCHALA(Amy) is actually the GODDESS CHILD of Existence. *cries*

LAVOS now is ready to DEVOUR existence to move to another DIMENSION.
he is now called the TIME DEVOURER, and he has SCHALA(AmY) "in child form, in her most INNOCENT form" locked and sealed in his power, so that if you KILL LAVOS, SCHALA will die also *cries again*

****so me PeTE and AmY schala use the CHRONO CROSS wich is all 6 earthly elements and there is a 7th element the CHRONO CROSS, wich represents SOUND and MUSIC.

So the only way to rescue SCHALA(AmY) is by playing the music of the CHRONO CROSS in order of elements yellow, red green, blue, black, white, CHRONO CROSS.

So i finally rescue SCHALA, and wake up on opassa beach, and the world is restored to PEACE AND LOVE, (just like our world in 2012)

the game ends with pictures of *AmY* schala in the EARTH world! not CHRONO world.... and her final words are...

"Ill find you someday *PetE* in this world or the next, even if i have to cross time, ill find YOU."
*cries more* THE END.

***** there is a special ending to the game, with a locked door, and NO ONE has ever opened it in 7 years, schala(YOU) may hold the secret to this door. when this door is opened there could be MAGIC behind it, so it opens a door to other worlds, even CHRONO WORLD!!!!! i know u think im NUTS, but these are the things that scientists and shamans are researching today check my LINKS!!!! We can fly to another world AMY. im sick of this one.

AMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! we have to finish the story!!!!!! and open the SECRET DOOR!!, that way maby you wont have to go to school, and me to work. ive waited an ETERNITY for you,i have never met a girl with such a loving AURA, youre energy is too strong to let go. and my heart will stop if you leave me. also i know from looking at you that you are very strong and brave!!!! FEAR is afraid of you amy! if you are beside me i will be protected, and i can protect you, i have many angels and different colour lights. ive never cried for ANY girl this much, i dont know why i cried for days and still do, will my tears be heard? only by you, i hope and the STARS...

This is my true story and dream forever.

BYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! love you forever AmY ZEAL.

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.....but instead you are the one that killed me....
i have no life, no money, no ciggarettes, becuase you said no to love, now im dieing, and the earth will die soon also, because 100% tru love was broken by money and the evil world.
i now can NEVER fall in love again, ill have to wait another 13 billion years.
Chrono world is REAL, but the door to get there was YOURE LOVE, and you left me for LYNX the frenchman, the same man responsible for burning children at LUCCA's children ORPHANAGE, thats the life that MONEY takes you towards, the bombing of innocent children in OUR world, comes from rich ppl from france usa and england, the same BLOODLINE of ppl who murdered jesus and other innocent ppl 1000s of years ago.
the world is pure EVIL amy, we can make LOVE and that will open the door to chrono world and OPASSA beach, i found out that you are NOT SCHALA, she only helped us FIND eachother.
AMY..... you are the girl LEENA that wakes me from my terrible nightmare on OPASSA beach, remember? LEENA has 2 sides to her, one at the beach, and one side she dresses up as a clown and has a STAR in one eye, and a TEAR on the other(see picture)
this is my girlfriend ive waited for 13 billion years, i know you feel it.
remember what the game siad? "now you can choose to live YOURE OWN LIFE, the way you want to...
there are other girls interested in me amy, but i can never fall in love again now....
all i have left to do, is become evil, and destroy the world, cause youre not with me.
ppl are after me trying to kill me, trying to keep the truth of PURE love from us.
i have no choice now that you left me without LOVE, i have to fight and HATE, destroy, and get revenge....
my heart will die soon, because u left me, maby there is still a chance we can find eachother again, and save the whole UNIVERSE in one night of loving, and loving music. that will open the door to chrono world, and THE GATES OF HEAVEN.
but for now its only chaos, and i also know you DELETED my emails i sent you, after all the time i put to make em. so i leave you with a choice amY.
find youre soul back that LYNX stole from you, and come find me AGAIN like you PROMISED.
1 will you save youre own life in this evil world by destroying love for MONEY?
2 will you find me across the world and save schala (GOD) and all of existance not just this world.?
1 maby you are just a psycho pregnant dog from hell!!
2 love ya' AmY
1 maby you are just a psycho pregnant dog from hell!!
2 love ya' amy
3 f*ckin waste of skin, all for money and FEAR of youre parents?
4 soooo beautiful...
3 f*ckin waste of skin, all for money and FEAR of youre parents?
4 soooo beautiful...
FROM: CHRONO, now changing into LAVOS the TIME DEVOURER.
i dont even know if this is youre real email, or just a fake one you gave me, sad for me....
i will wait for you till september 11th, then i will start to DEVOUR this world.
love you forever Amy, or just the next 13 billion years.

|||||||schala is god, leena is harlequin, lynx is the frenchman leader of the RADICAL DREAMERS.|||||

so schala rights a letter saying ill find you serge, and you wake up on opassa beach with LEENA, and i beleive LEENA is actually HARLE and maby a reincarnated SCHALA. then it shows her in EARTH world, so i beleive that SCHALA has found earth now and is looking for serge.

when u first meet leena you get seperated becuase of FATE that chooses not to allow you to LIVE YOURE own life, tehn u take off on youre adventure.

but after you rescue schala and defeat time devourer, you wake up with leena there, now you can choose youre own life and live in peace..

LYNX teh frenchman, gained his power by burning children, LYNX was ONCE a nice man, but transfomed into an evil catman, becuase of lavos.. teh same man who possobly made love to KIDD nad was teh frenchman from the RADICAL DREAMERS clan.

do you think we can make it thruough thjis horrible dream on earth?

its all up to HARlE (schala)[/FONT]


Sir Isaac Newton invented the swinging door....for the convenience of his cat.