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I knew you weren't straight.
If I was a girl I wouldn't touch superman's pole with a 10 foot pole.

Did you see that episode of the Superman TV show where he tried to pet a kitten, sneezed and crushed it flat as a pizza??

I don't want to be within a city block of him when he makes the O face    :(    
He's wearing a beard now?

How very hollywood of him    :|
Is that what he calls Bert's ****?

*slinking away*
[FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#ff0000 size=7]YOGA FIRE!!!!111eleven[/FONT]  

Is that the P.C. term nowadays?  
#23 did she manage to smite us both???

I sense the meddling hands of the gods in this conflict.

Damn you Loki!!! For how long will you dog my steps!?!?!    >:(  
Say more SD!!!!

If we divide her chi she is doomed!!!!

[FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#ff0000 size=7]Shoryuken!![/FONT]  
I see your lips flapping but I don't feel anything.









That's what I thought...     [/DIV][/DIV][/DIV][/DIV][/DIV][/DIV][/DIV]
It's just as well.

My smite is re-loading.

[FONT color=#800000]But mark my words, your bottom will wish it had never been born!! [/FONT]      
 The back seat is for balling girls.

  I lolled so hard I nearly rolfed.[/DIV]
You've earned this smiting, missy.

So I don't want to see a single tear, is that understood??  

Now bend over my knee    >:(

Ok, I'm going to find a paperclip.

When you hear from me next I'll be a rich man!!

Just remember in the end, when cities lie ruined and the human race itself is on the verge of extinction...

you struck the first blow