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Thank Gopher, I was sort of wondering....I lost 5 lbs on vacation so now I'm at  22  :)
Hi's been a few months

  Chicken with salad  for me and the walnuts off my tree for the squirrels & stellar jays outside.
No Christmas card or lights until December!

  Vuzix Wrap 310

   [SPAN class=first-letter]V[/SPAN]iewing TV and movies on a mobile device sounds great in theory, but anyone who's tried to watch Mad Men on their iPod in harsh sunlight with the noise and jostling of the morning train commute knows it's not always enjoyable.

 The solution to take-anywhere video might just be found in new sunglasses from Vuzix, which promise the equivalent of a 55-inch 16-by-9 widescreen view.


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Crappy day alright I have a leak in my roof and who's going to fix it in this weather.  :(
I have a signed Eric Wilson book around the house somewhere?
It seems California Requires More Energy-Efficient TVs:

  California regulators have adopted the first energy-efficiency standards for televisions in the U.S., a move that will eventually ban power-hungry sets from the state's store shelves.  [P itxtvisited="1" _extended="true"]Wednesday's action by the California Energy Commission could lead the way in a general reform of standards for an industry increasingly focused on wide-view, flat-screen, high-definition sets.

 [P itxtvisited="1" _extended="true"]The average plasma TV uses more than three times as much energy as an old cathode-ray tube set. Liquid-crystal display, or LCD, TVs use about 43 percent more energy than tube sets, according to Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the state's biggest utility. LCDs now account for about 90 percent of the 4 million TVs sold in California each year.

 [P itxtvisited="1" _extended="true"]Under the rules adopted Wednesday, all new 42-inch TV sets must use less than 183 watts by 2011 and less than 116 watts by 2013.

 [P itxtvisited="1" _extended="true"]That is considerably more efficient than flat-screen TVs placed on the market in recent years. A 42-inch Hitachi plasma TV sold in 2007 uses 313 watts, while a 42-inch Sharp Liquid-crystal display, or LCD, TV draws 232 watts, according to the Energy Commission.

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Russ wrote:
Anybody know where I can get cardboard boxes cheap? I need a number of them to pack stuff into.

 I like to go to veggie stands and use apple or orange boxes myself.


Lunch thread or picture thread.................hmm
I've had the same TV since 1990 I'm waiting for it to die before I buy a new one but it just won't die so can't justify a new TV.  
Mine's gotten a little bigger but it's not GIANT that require a scroll bar.  
OK I'm going to dinner at Russ's tonight!  
He's probably on some business trip to somewhere sunny.  :)
Can't depend on cellphones in an emergency!  
Maybe try here:  [A href=""][/A]