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Discover Seattle! / LED Lights
Mar 11 17 08:54
Whats everyones opinion and findings on LED lights, either complete unit replacements or just the bulbs?

Over the last while Ive been changing from incandescent, but also from the CFL swirly shaped bulbs.

I broke down last month and changed out my Metal Halide 200W bulb and dusk/dawn activated unit on my Garage to an LED unit. I was incredibly surprised.

Ive also been changing out the bulbs in my Camper to the LED (albeit 12VDC) type. Its been a super steep learning curve for me.. in the colour of the light, the brightness.. and even that depends on the manufacturers opinion. Ive found I prefer the 2850-3000k (warm yellow-white).


Thats an amazing display of a team effort to track that down.

Great way to change it to the red flag. LOL
You mean had the last Word.
Evening Gopher.

Myself as well.

Hope all is well with you.
Dinner was Crock Pot Ribs, corn on the cob, and rice.

Both my kids loved it.
Quote from: TehBorken on Feb 23 17 08:40
UPS truck drivers don't take left turns, and despite this usually resulting in longer route, they are saving millions of dollars in fuel costs. From a report:

The company decided on eliminating left turns (or right turns in left-hand driving countries such as India) wherever possible after it found that drivers have to sit idly in the trucks while waiting to take the left turn to pass through traffic. So, it created an algorithm that eliminated left turns from drivers' routes even if meant a longer journey.

This meant that drivers do not have to wait in traffic to take a left turn and can take the right turn at junctions. Of course, the algorithm does not entirely eliminate left turns, but the number of left turns taken by UPS trucks is less than 10 percent of all turns made. Turns out that UPS was right -- the idea really paid off. In 2005, a year after it announced that it will minimize left turns, the company said that the total distance covered by its 96,000 trucks was reduced by 747,000km, and 190,000 litres of fuel had been saved.

In 2011, Bob Stoffel, a UPS Senior Vice President, told Fortune that the company had reduced distance traveled by trucks by 20.4 million miles, and reduced CO2 emissions by 20,000 metric tons, by not taking left turns. A recent report by The Independent says that the total reduction in distance traveled by UPS trucks now stands at 45.8 million miles, and there are 1,100 fewer trucks in its fleet because of the algorithm. Even by conservative estimates, that's tens of millions of dollars of savings in fuel costs.

I heard about this before. Im still curious to try it myself to see how much of a difference it would make for me.
Glad you enjoyed your time with the last word Gopher.

Hope things are going well

Last Word.
Good for them. The demands seem to get longer and longer after every new olympics venue.

When we had it in Vancouver in 2010, while I thought it was good and enjoyed it... but the list of demands from the IOC was crazy.
This one makes me smile. For some obscure reason.
Other than the fact its a Ford, you think he would be happy.
Quote from: TehBorken on Feb 12 16 09:44
You have to be near the car, normally within 10 feet or so from what I've seen.

I dont know the distance for the keyless ignition part, never thought about it actually.

Remote start on the other hand, can just be done from a button on your remote. Just depends on what is in the way of the vehicle for distance.
You HAD the last word DDD.

Good to see you, hope alls well with ya.
Well, This thread hasn't been added to in one or two days.. LOL

Working off of Congo. Midnight meal was baked chicken wings in tomato sauce, dried out ribs, and undercooked pasta.

Wonder what breakfast will bring?
Hello Gopher.

Happy New Years to you as well!
Morning LM

Well, if we were too far away from shore then I wouldnt get signal. We are standby at anchor due to no work for the ship. So we are about 3-4 miles off the coast. So still a decent signal.

Doing some online training requirements for the company.. its so exciting Im ready to stab my brain through my eye with a pencil. The english wording for some of the questions is written by someone with english as a second language.. and throws the answer off with the wording.

We find we do Hot Pot, once every two weeks now. We used to buy our ingredients from T&T.
Now believe it or not, we buy it from the ex price mart, now save on. The one along grandview under the canadian tire.