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Discover Seattle! / Re: My Land
Mar 10 17 02:16
You make the world easier to grasp.
Definitely Basa fish - not sure what I will have with it.
Popped in to have the last word.
So I did. Last word.
No, just ordinary close-up with some later cropping.
Hard times, Natasha. I hope they start to improve as soon as possible.

Just finished my third cup of coffee of the day.
Liver, carrots and mashed potatoes
Chicken and bacon pasta bake
Hello everyone, happy new year('s eve)
That figures. What news of Purelife?
It's a LOT slower
Discover Seattle! / Re: DNA
Oct 21 15 10:32
I wonder what the difference is.
As for today, depends on what catches my eye in the shops.