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Quote from: Mel on Jun 03 19 05:50
Thing is, since you did that, other posters have done exactly the same thing too, at least a half dozen times or more. ... Problem is though, with six different offshoots you don't find six times the number of posters between them.  Everything has become ultra 'diluted' to the point of exactly what you state happens: They essentially become dormant, or if they're lucky maybe have a small handful of posters left.
Yep, I think you nailed it: dilution. 

Forums were a lot of fun to run back in the day, but now they're mostly a boring commodity item. Even for niche interests there are sooooo many to choose from.

Pick any make or model of car, for example, and there are probably 50 forums devoted to each one.

Plus, sites like Pinterest and Instagram have supplanted stuff like photo sharing which used to be a major draw for a lot of forums.

So yeah, I think in large part they're history. There will always be some but the quality dropped as the quantity increased. More isn't always better.

Quote from: Melvinator on Jun 03 19 09:31
Well, as far as my opinion on whether or not to continue the guest sub?  I'm neutral on the matter.  I mean, if it's an extra hassle for you to keep it going, just turf it.  If not?  I guess no harm in leaving it active...

Nah, it's no trouble but SOP is that when something dies, you bury it. :) lol

I'll leave it up unless something changes. I think forums in general have run their course with some exceptions. There are still active forums out there but I see only a fraction of the way things used to be. I'd guess 80~90% of all forums are mostly dormant. I don't know but I'd guess that a lot of people have moved to Facebook or whatever. And, maybe like everything else, they just have a lifespan and then they die off. I don't know.
Quote from: Mel on Jun 03 19 12:17
Still in Kent?  Life is well?

I've been around here from the minute you split from DV, if that gives any indication!    ;D
Not in Kent, but life is good. :)
Quote from: Mel on Jun 03 19 12:02
Did the forum hags from next door get to you recently, TehBorken?
No, I'm just wondering if it's still worth it to continue this particular forum.
Quote from: homeless troll on May 25 19 09:57
Excuse me Mr Borken but if you close down where can I deposit my holiday ode.

I don't know. Perhaps membee or some other anonymous board?
Hmmmm, then maybe it's time to shut this down. I've left this one open so you guys can post here as you like but if that's your take on it, then there's probably no need for this one either.

Quote from: Melvina on Apr 28 19 11:25I've stated this in the past:  The forum worldz do not need another forum with three whole posters!

The current state of affairs are bad enough as it is...  Last thing needed is another half-dozen shit forums appearing on the scene.
Quote from: Gopher on Nov 06 18 11:47Will you eventually emigrate? Good luck with your elections. I'm learning Welsh.  Cofion .....last word.
Mmmmm, maybe. I'm re-thinking the idea of moving there....this last trip was fun but also pretty wearing.

The heat and humidity were dreadful. The traffic in and around Phnom Penh has gone from "mostly okay" to "mostly awful". There are about 10 times the number of cars there used to be...the roads were never meant for this many cars and it shows. Prices for nearly everything are going up up up. Land, food, rent, clothes- all that stuff is still pretty affordable, but definitely more expensive than they used to be.

On the upside, the general infrastructure and economy have improved significantly. You can buy almost anything you want with a few exceptions. Still can't get a decent bagel here for love nor money, lol. If Amazon delivered to Cambodia, life would instantly become much better.

The availability of medical care has improved a lot but is still kinda spotty. The new developments like Diamond Island ( (see another link here ( are super upscale and as full-featured as anything you'd find in North America. I probably couldn't afford to live there, lol. There are also loads of new malls that are the equal of anything here.

There's also construction of new buildings and infrastructure everywhere...every street has something being renovated or built new. In 10 or 20 years it'll be amazing. There's also a new airport in the works and the old airport has been fixed up quite a bit too. There are finally places you can get a decent burger (and lots of places now exist where you can get great pizza).

A lot of stuff is still "faux" some of the chain burger joints have menus with 50 things on them, but when you get there they only have 2 or 3 of the items available. The rest is "No have..."

So I don't know...I'm reconsidering, but it's still very possible that we'll move there someday.
And that's the last word on Cambodia. :)
Quote from: Gopher on Aug 05 18 10:04
In  Phnom Penh? Wow is my last word.
Yep, we bought it and are hoping to buy one of the houses next door to it as well. We'd cut a big doorway and have a nice sized place. And that is my last word.
Looks nice, very elegant.

I'm going to Phnom Penh in September for a few weeks. I want to see the house we bought, lol.

Quote from: Gopher on Aug 04 18 11:24As you didn't have the last word, I'll save it for mine. I can't open it either. Just  google headlands hotel llandudno.
Hmmmm, I can't seem to open that image with anything- appears to be damaged or something. (??)
Quote from: Gopher on Jul 29 18 10:47
But only for a while. Going to Llandudno in Wales again in about three weeks. I have reclaimed the last word.
Damn. Send some pictures!

last word
Quote from: Gopher on Jul 29 18 06:53
Nothing much new with me, apart from the fact that I've been diagnosed with a cranky panky .Last word.
We're going to be visiting Cambodia, Laos, and maybe Thailand in a couple of months. I had LASIK, which I highly recommend. And I got the last word, lol.
How's it going, Gopher? Long time no see.

Things have been moving right along for us...lots of stuff going on. What's new with you?
I have the last word.
Good to see you again, Chief. :) 

Quote from: Chief Wakanakan on Nov 22 17 07:53
As another year of Thanksgiving is upon us, we ask ourselves are we doing enough to help the Native American people regain what was stolen from  us many years ago. Progress has been made in some aspects, such as the diversion of the pipeline in South Dakota. However, how many issues have still gone unresolved? The Swaysom Tribe will one day get the land that was taken away from them. Our future generations will be able to enjoy the land that our people held for so long. The white man stole it from us but we will regain it. We are united and our cause is just. As you try to enjoy Thanksgiving this year, remember all of the crimes that were committed against the Native American people. I have the utmost faith that we will regain our land and at the Swayson Tribe will reclaim their native homeland. I ask that you take the time to consider being on the right side of history and Unite with us to reclaim all that was taken. We must stand up and take back our land.

Chief Wakanakan
Swayson Tribe