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Discover Seattle! / Test :)
Oct 19 11 12:04
Ignore this. :)
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I postulate that any genuinely major technical advance would destroy the world.

Teleportation, FTL travel, free energy, anti-gravity....any of those things would completely destroy the economic and social structures of the world and plunge it into chaos like never seen beofre.

Whole industries would collapse overnight, taking the financial pinnings of the planet with it.

Telelportation alone would make obsolete nearly everything we do, and how we do it. All trucking, moving, and transportation-related industries would die off in a heartbeat, along with the social structures that both supported and used them. Total world-wide collapse of most industry and manufacturing business would follow, and it might not be the kind of thing that we'd survive.

If 90% of the jobs today suddenly disappeared due to something like this, can ou imagine the anarchy that would ensue?

Discover Seattle! / Hmmmmmm
Feb 13 06 09:34
I need a new name, I hate showing up as "Admin".

Maybe I'll steal Tenkani's idea and make myself an account under the name "TehBorken".
For a personal project....

Who would you most hate to find out was the father of your shild? Give me your two worst nightmares.

Jesse Jackson? Boss Hogg? Janet Reno? Ahnold the Governator? The Pope?  Let me hear 'em....

One of my best freinds went to emergency surgery last night for a "prolapsed rectum". Yes, it's every bit as bad as it sounds. He ended up going to two surgeries as the first one wasn't sufficient.

To make things even better, he was about to move out of the US to Belize (in 3 days!), so me and a few other folks got to go over his place and pack up all -and I do mean all- of his stuff for storage. Then I find out I'm the [span style="text-decoration: line-through;"]sucker[/span] kind and caring soul they picked to "temporarily" hang on to his two [span style="text-decoration: line-through;"]poop generators[/span] darling kitties "for a few weeks".

So not only did I get to schlep a shitload of heavy boxes around but I also have two very pissed off cats here who are not liking this whole deal one little bit. Right now they're shredding my couch, so I guess that's god's way of telling me that my furniture is too nice.  lol

I can't wait to see him in the hospital- the jokes for this little episode are just kicking at the door trying to get out. It's gonna be brutal, but how often will I get a chance like this? :) Now help me think of some tasteful butt jokes.

Heh heh, my son just went of to mom's for the weekend, so I have 48 hours of child-free relaxation time. :)
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Welcome to the  Discover Seattle forum testbed. Please let me know what ya think.