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 damn brilliant, thank you sportsdude. now this is some of the things im talking about big businees ie the goverment corporations big oil etcetra , just dont give to shmegs about the damage they are doing . aits gona take alot more of us little guys standing up and sayiung a big up yours to the powers that be via our voting power and our consumerism power ie  not buying products that rely upon  gasoline . its no wonder i am saving to buy that electric bike.

 sportsdude you get a blessing for such a good  link.

  but this is all just a small part of the govermental conspiracys to get you me and every other joe schmoo and julia noname to buy only certain products, where is the choice by damn  , i think its time for a revoltionary resistance a time to storm the white house and over throw the power hungry gorgons that be . figuritvly speaking that is , ( meaning not by violence) but through the pwer of money and votes.  and of course the last resort take em all out back  and make em suck on the exsaust pipes of thier hummers till dead.

why . i hate crowds and am no fan of movie theaters . will it be released on dvd any time soon ?
Discover Seattle! / For tommorrow
Jun 18 06 11:23
What is the sence of continuing the propogation (is that even a word) of  the combustion engine via oil based fuels . we all know that oil is not a sustainable resource and yet  we continue to make and buy  items that require petrolium based products .  why are we not spending  those millions that are being spent on taking controll of oil producing countrys on sustainable resources ie ethonal  electric and hydrogen sources of power... ?

   sure nuclear power is a great resource but the by products are radiactive sludge that has 10000 plus years of shelf life . and other nasty products . what do our children and thier childrens children have to look forward to .  will thier even be life left on this planet . it may all ready be to late to recover from the damage we have done to this earth .

  i will leave you to think this over to rebuttal reproof (sp)  voice your opinions ideas  etcetra.    
lol. funny . real funny.

  goes off in search of some fun. ( take that to mean i am very very bored )  
scratches head in bewilderment.  ummm.  way to much  to read, can some one dumb it all down for me ?  
okay thats better . thanks [A title="View the profile of TehBorken" href=";u=39"][FONT color=#000000]TehBorken[/FONT][/A] . i figured out  all i need to know , goes back to lurking cause i can . besides this thread needs a good bump.      
so thier saying i can  taste test my kittys  water too . ?  
i live here whats so great about it .  one day soon i will get to seattle .  i do love oak harbour and decption pass . south skagit burlington is a nice place too .  
accidents happen, . well for those bastards i pray they meet one horrific accident . namely a fall from about 10000 feet up with out a chute .... damn courts are way to lax.  
now thats a game i am taking a night off work to watch .  
Discover Seattle! / Re: Who knew?
Jun 17 06 09:54
yup . in a very distrubing way that is .