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Will you eventually emigrate? Good luck with your elections. I'm learning Welsh.  Cofion .....last word.
In  Phnom Penh? Wow is my last word.
As you didn't have the last word, I'll save it for mine. I can't open it either. Just  google headlands hotel llandudno.
I will be staying here, in the luxury of faded elegance. Last word.
But only for a while. Going to Llandudno in Wales again in about three weeks. I have reclaimed the last word.
Nothing much new with me, apart from the fact that I've been diagnosed with a cranky panky .Last word.
Yes, it is. I always enjoy your posts.
You did. Last word.
You sure you have the last word?
Why is there so much gun crime in the USA?
Popped back to stop you from thinking that you had the last word
Beefsteak and tagliatele
I still have nothing interesting to say.
Why not have it in the same place every year - maybe on an island?