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I just stopped by to see how my thread is doing....

  Unreal that it is at page 1200 ish!!  Well done everyone...  I am proud!
move?  when did I move?  I am sure it was good though...  
I thought I would pull my head out of the sand, and check on my DS threads....  I see that both of them have been growing quite nicely...  It makes me proud to see...  ; )  
I see that my threads are alive and well after all this time....
funny thing to me is that some people actually think that Mike gives a rats ass about the complaints...
Adam Fullard:  I have never really read anything that you have written until today, with all that is going on with "Adam Fullards Mom."  I thought that you were just being handle jacked all these times, until I came to DS today, and read this thread.  My friend, you are an idiot.  Why in the friggin name of all things sacred, would you be stupid enough  to post using your real name, and then have the auddacity to cite "invasion of privacy??"  Are you really that stupid?  (not to mentionthe mis-use of the word libel)

Doode, best bet for you now is to quit your bitching, and ride quietly into the night......
who said that?
You had chocolate for lunch?  

  that is not boring!
I see that.  Well, it certainly is not my bum, that is for sure.  I was given the picture by a shy poster (long time poster too) to put up....

  so far, no one has guessed who yet.
 My worst mistake was waiting so long to become a Scientologist. All those years spent wandering around in a thetan-induced daze. WHAT A WASTE!!

Thank god (or whoever) that you have now seen the light tenk!  Now we can compare cult notes.  your Scientology, and my Landmark Forum!  hahha[/DIV]
I am eating at my desk today!  as I have the last 2 weeks almost.

  today, it is a Can of cambells Chunck !  

  the flavour today is actually quite good!  
sure it does!  no one thinks politely intheir head!  there is a built in filter that some of us posses somewhere between the brain and the mouth....

  I was just kidding.

  So what kinnda trouble have you DS'ers been up to lately?
"What's new?  Besides bad work."

haha.  i actually love my job, and my 'boss' is a drinking buddy....  

  I just want to feel like everyone else I know, and bitch incesantly about their work, mate, etc....  

  you know, the overwhelming need to fit in.....

  hahahhahaha   jk.