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Discover Seattle! / Test :)
Oct 19 11 12:04
Ignore this. :)
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I postulate that any genuinely major technical advance would destroy the world.

Teleportation, FTL travel, free energy, anti-gravity....any of those things would completely destroy the economic and social structures of the world and plunge it into chaos like never seen beofre.

Whole industries would collapse overnight, taking the financial pinnings of the planet with it.

Telelportation alone would make obsolete nearly everything we do, and how we do it. All trucking, moving, and transportation-related industries would die off in a heartbeat, along with the social structures that both supported and used them. Total world-wide collapse of most industry and manufacturing business would follow, and it might not be the kind of thing that we'd survive.

If 90% of the jobs today suddenly disappeared due to something like this, can ou imagine the anarchy that would ensue?

Anyone here like (or ever heard of) Stanislaw Lem? He's written a lot of very funny, extremely satirical Sci-Fi, but also some serious stuff like [a href=""]Solaris[/a]. (The original Russian version was better IMHO, but it's also really long.)

Funny stuff:

Pirx The Pilot (good)
The Futurological Congress (REALLY good)
The Cyberiad: Fables for the Cybernetic Age (also REALLY good)
[em]"I think its because everyone hates me over there. And it hurts me physically when they talk to me like that."[/em]

Then to hell with those asswipes. Let 'em stew in their own juices if that's the way they behave.

PS: Have some Karma!
What are the things you think are bad about it.  You mentioned slowing down things, but this thing responds like lightning,  can you tell me what else ?

I bet it'll run a whole lot faster with Norton turned off (or not installed) than it will with it on.

Every PC I've ever put Norton went into slow-motion like an attorney waiting to see who'll pick up the check. It loads a ton of system hooks, DLLs, and extra stuff that just loads the system down.
What security software do you run, admin?

I use [a href=""]AVG anti-virus[/a] (free),  [a href=""]ZoneAlarm[/a] (also the free version) and I have a cheapo hardware firewall/router box that ran me about $49 or so a couple of years ago. The firewall box is probably what's kept 99% of the shit out there at bay. If I go to the "Check My Security" sites (like [a href=""]Shields Up[/a]), most of them report that they can't even tell there's a PC on my end.

ZoneAlarm is run just so I can see if somethingis trying to get out, and its amazing how much stuff wants to 'phone home' these days.

eMule is also very handy for umm, evaluating software and ummm music and ummm apps and stuff. Or so I've heard.

[a href=""]eMule Home Page[/a]
Testing without Norton.  YUP....Admin, [font style="font-style: italic;" size="5"]That's what it is !!!!   [/font]You're so clever.....thanks.


[font style="color: rgb(192, 0, 0);" size="7"]Norton = Satan[/font]
[img alt="" src=""]

Admin, I DO have Norton.  Do you think that would cause it ???

Norton = Satan in my book.

It's a huge memory and resource hog, makes the PC run like molasses at the North Pole. Turn it off temporarily as a test and see it it makes any difference.
When I click on the 'select font size', the window pops up, but it's blank.  Same with the 'select font face'.  It's not a BIG deal, I don't mind speaking in monotone.

Hmmmm....what browser are you using? Are you using anything like Norton, ZoneAlarm, or another internet firewall? I can't think of any other likely thing that would account for it except something like that, something local to your PC.
Jeez, I can't even shout it.....I have no font re-sizer thingy.[img style="font-style: italic;" src="" height="15" width="15"]

Is it missing, does it just not work for you, or....?
I'm running on a 9.95/month account on Webhost4life.

That's shared hosting, correct? I don't do any shared hosting, I've got a couple of servers I use for my sites.

Btw, do you know how hard it is to build a community when coding makes you anti-social?

Lol, as a matter of fact.....   Yeah, I know- it's an isolating lifestyle for sure. It can be a real downside not having the workplace environment to mix and socialize in. On the other hand, it can also be damn nice not having the workplace environment to mix and socialize in. lol

I've been working on a quickie spoof-site the last few days and I'm almost ready to release it. I'll post it here if you guys want to have a go at it.
[span style="text-decoration: underline;"]
Think I'll choke if the child I'm bearing belongs to Admin. * sn***er sn***er *

It's all part of my free 'remote impregnation service'.