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Sorry, wrong thread.
Sorry, I'm at work.

I'm a very busy person and don't have time for this thread.
What is it about DS that keeps you coming back for more?

(choose up to 3)  
So, I've noticed over the past year or so a change in the phishing emails I've been getting.

Many of them now seem to focus on God, and being a good Christian.

  Just curious whether anyone else has noticed the same thing, and what you think it means.

  An example, this just popped in my box a few minutes ago. I'll just include the first and last para because the rest pretty much goes as expected...

  Dearest in Christ,

It is with Heavy Heart I am reaching you regarding the death of my late
client. I am BARRISTER Mike Douglas, the legal adviser to late MR. MIKE
& CAROL HALL, A very Wealthy Couple that lived here in the United
Kingdom, before their Death on the 26th of December 2004 during the
Tsunami disaster. These couple served God as very dedicated Christians,
they so dedicated their life to God but they had no child till they
died. They acquired a lot of landed properties like lands, Stocks/Bond,
house properties, etc.


And my favorite part...

Dear child of Zion, if you
know that you will use this fund honestly and wisely for things that
will glorify God's name, then do contact me with the above mentioned
information via my home email ([email protected]) Your Prompt
response will be highly appreciated.
This thread will be gone before you know it.
Urban Dictionary.

 [A href=""][/A] Imagine Wikipedia and then remove any pretense of respectability and fact-checking.


  Post your favorite entries here.
#9 the anti-ping thread?
So, a while back I heard about the concept of "micro-loans" as a way to help people in developing countries start businesses without just giving handouts.

  The Kiva organization has been on PBS, CNN and elsewhere. It's really blown up. Here is how they describe their efforts...

  Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. By choosing a business on, you can "sponsor a business" and help the world's working poor make great strides towards economic independence. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-12 months), you can receive email journal updates from the business you've sponsored. As loans are repaid, you get your loan money back.

  And that's the great thing. You aren't donating to a charity. You're loaning money to people who have dreams of running a successful business. Believe it or not, the loan default rate is very low. The potential recipients are vetted to make sure they have a solid business plan and aren't scammers. It's all described on the site so I won't go into too much detail. Just thought you guys might like to know about this. It's a very personal way (you can see the pics and business plans) to make a difference in the world without just handing money over to a giant organization and hoping that it does some good.

  [A href=""][/A]  
My father's cat died.
I grew up with the little furry beast and it makes me sad.
She was around 18 years old.

I know, starting a thread about it seems silly, but I wanted her to have a little memorial or something. I'm at work but I will post her pic when I get a chance.

Her name was Kimiko but her friends called her Kimi.

When she was a kitten my dad accidentaly slammed her little head in a door and she was a bit freaky after that. You had to move just a little bit slow around her or she might run off. As she became an old and elegant lady she calmed down and was much more easy going.

She used to drool sometimes when people petted her.

She was my friend   *sniffle*
Discover Seattle! / DV withdrawal
Dec 14 06 03:38

Peanut butter and DV sandwich. MmmmmmmMMMMM!!
Hi there, Orik. I just noticed that someone on DV is using your handle to spam tons of links that show a woman's breasts. The poster is claiming the breasts belong to another poster (I won't mention the name). Either they don't, and it's some sort of weird head game, or they do and it's a warped revenge tactic.

Anyway, I thought you should know that some nutcase is using your handle and making a fool of himself.
Berkeley council passes impeachment resolution
Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

With overwhelming support from Berkeley residents, the Berkeley City Council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night to be the first jurisdiction in the United States to let the public vote for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The measure will appear on the Nov. 7 ballot, at a cost of about $10,000.

Among those who urged the council to approve the initiative were peace activists Cindy Sheehan and Daniel Ellsberg, as well as 500 Berkeley residents who sent supportive e-mails to City Hall. Only three residents said they were against the idea.

The council agreed to drop a provision that would have set up a task force of Berkeley residents to monitor the President and Vice President.

[a href=""][/a]

 Yuki, are you here?
Brent says "hi".

[font style="color: rgb(0, 0, 191);" size="2"]Another quality thread brought to you by the makers of Boredom®.[/font]  
I've always been fascinated by the concept of lifelike androids, and so have been avidly following the progress of the Korean EveR-1, the Japanese Repliee Q1Expo and of course RealDoll.

But that's neither here nor there.

Rather than creating robotic versions of humankind, isn't there anything we can do to improve these fragile, flawed shells we find ourselves trapped in. You bet...

Imagine being able to drink until your liver packed up, knowing that you had another to take the strain. Or never mis-typing words on your BlackBerry because of your narrow fingertips specially designed for tiny keyboards. Welcome to the human body, mark II, dreamt up by specialists who believe that nature's work can be improved upon. They argue that our bodies are riddled with design errors which remain uncorrected despite millennia of evolution. From our upright posture, which puts excessive strain on the knees and hips, to our morbid, year-round interest in sex, a number of anatomical and hormonal alterations are now overdue, doctors say.

They range from switching the location of the genitals from the groin to the armpit, in order to put them at a hygienic distance from the excretory organs, to adding a back up heart and liver to cope with the rigours of the modern diet.
Detachable body parts and an annual mating season, timed to avoid clashing with major sports events, have also been proposed. Writing in the British Medical Journal, Paul Brown, a US consultant in prion diseases, summarises his ideas in a sketch in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci. He spells them out in a "Letter to God" which gently berates the Creator...

Full article here
[a href=""][/a]

 Since we're all required to post a thread, here's mine. It's about candy.
What's your favorite?
Why? Describe it in detail, flavor, texture, odour.
How does it make you feel when you put it in your mouth?
Does it make you

Here's a little somethin' somethin' to put ya'll in the mood...

[font style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 0, 127);" face="Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Arial" size="-1"]I want candy
Bubblegum and taffy
Skip to the sweet shop with my sweet heart Sandy
Got my pennies saved, so I'm her sugar daddy
I'm her Hume Cronyn and she's my Jessica Tandy
I want candy
Put it in a pile
Split it wit my biddy, 50-50 down the line
Kinda like close encounters of the cavity kind
I'm Talkin' licorice kisses
Talkin' chocolate dowsed smiles
I want candy
I got a sugar tooth
Put on your shin guards, Sandy, 'cuz I wanna knock boots
Lick the peppermint stick 'til the lollipop droops
Gumdrops that don't stop 'til the lip locks loose
I need candy
Bubblegum and taffy
Get in my way punk, you're gonna get your ass beat, nasty
Do it 'til your dad sees
Embarrass your whole family
Just because you came between a kid and his candy
I need candy
Any kind'll do
Don't care if it's nutritious or FDA approved
It's gonna make me spaz like bobcats on booze
A hyperactive juice that only I can produce
That fuels a giant drill
Bores straight into hell
Releasin' ancient demons from their sleep forever spell
So they can walk upon the earth and get resituated
And hawk the diet pills MC Pee Pants has created
I need candy
Want some candy
Eat candy 'til I'm dead
I'll kill you for some candy
Give me candy, candyhead
Where you keepin' all the candy?
Who made you candy king?
If you don't give me some candy, I will make the ladies sing
Candy in the mornin'
Candy on the way to school
Candy at school, at lunch, and the afternoon
Candy at school, on the way home from school
Candy at dinner, at dinner, whoo-hoo
Mess up the mix
Mix up the mess
Come on down, yo
Here's the address:
Said 612 Wharf Avenue
Right next to the gentlemen's club  [/font]
Hey, I vaguely remember a Web site dedicated to fighting back against spammers.

  Like, when you get a particularly annoying spam email and want to do something about it.

  I believe the service has something to do with flooding the spammer's email or Web site.

  Does this sound at all familiar?

What's your secret (or not so secret) fetish?

Is there something that turns you on that isn't exactly...normal?

Have you ever been afraid to tell your lover about it?

What did you do?

  Log out and post anonymously if you like.

This is a safe, non-judgemental place for you to share your depravity.
Please post your favorite desktop wallpapers, or links to same. If you have them in different resolutions then post/link to all of them. No goatse pls.
Discover Seattle! / Tape
Mar 15 06 12:33
What have you used tape for?

I'll start. I used some fat silver electrical tape (1,000 mile an hour tape) and some illustration board to make a hood for my monitor. It only took me four hours.
So, I keep running into people here (in California) who claim that Washington state has a very active skinhead/neo-nazi community.

Is this true?

If so, what drew them to Washington?

How are they dealt with by the state and local governments?

What do they actually do? Do they just hold the occasional march, or have they been violent in the past?
[FONT color=#7f3f00 size=5]Domo-kun.[/FONT]

Need I say more?

Yes? Ok, please share any thoughts, poems, humorous anecdotes, pics or animations relating to Domo-kun. Please share how he has changed your life, or the lives of your loved ones. Your answers will be graded. Top of the class gets a cookie.

I'm posting this because I know that a high number of users here also frequent Discover Vancouver.

I just opened a thread on DV and was hit by the most brutal goatse/virus attack I've ever experienced. Dozens of goatse windows began opening in random locations on my screen and Outlook kept trying to send emails to some f*cking recruitment drive. Wish I had written down the specifics, but I was a little busy trying to handle the chaos while at the same time hoping my boss didn't walk in and get a face full of goatse.

So I managed to shut down finally (a difficult process) and when I tried to reboot I got an error message saying that no valid boot device had been found  *clutching chest* I rebooted again and it worked but I think that's because my work PC is set to rebuild the OS in the case of a critical failure. Anyway, the name of the thread on DV said something about viruses...I think it's gone now but the important thing is that simply OPENING an infected thread will HOSE your system if you're running WIndows 2000 and Internet Explorer. For those running Firefox or another OS, your mileage may vary.
Does anyone have personal experience using a bio-diesel vehicle? Pls share any info you have. Since the advantages of hybrid technology seem to have been exaggerated a bit, I started looking into other "Earth-friendly" options and bio-diesel seems to have a lot going for it. Still, if you don't have a local co-op, or local gas stations that carry the stuff what do you do?

Also, it seems that a lot of folks have been buying older diesel vehicles and re-fitting them for bio-diesel. Anyone done this? Thx.
Just to be fair and balanced, if Discover Vancouver was a woman, would you date her?
If Discover Seattle was a woman and you were on your first date with her, what would you do? How would you dress? Where would you take her? Would you bring a gift? Would you invite her back to your place for a nightcap...or something?

Responses from female posters are especially welcome.