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LAST WORD is for this man DDD  8)
it is easier to say goodbye than to try to stay and understand..........LAST WORD;)
Quote from: Lil Me on Jun 01 14 11:54
I'm skeptical about 3D printers because there is an element of, um, assembly required!
If I downloaded all the componets for a car, it still wouldn't help me very much!

I had an item just made on a 3 D printer its so cool and one day we will all own a printer
Quote from: Natasha on Dec 25 13 07:17
'68 mustang

I'd like to drive with u  :-*
Discover Seattle! / Re: Party
Jun 19 14 06:24
Quote from: TehBorken on Jun 12 14 05:44
We're having our 6th Annual Khmer/American Party on the 15th this month...if you're in Seattle let me know and you can be a Mystery Guest. :)

Sorry I missed u at the party........the stories I could tell you...............
                        another person I will miss LAST WORD;)
I will miss you LAST WORD;)
Quote from: Natasha on Jun 12 14 12:26
I recently started watching the show Salem. So far I'm loving it.
what's it about ?
you own.....think not...........LAST WORD;)
Quote from: kitten on Jun 10 14 01:47
Canadians are just as screwed up.  One maniac with a gun collection in New Brunswick, and now another in B.C.  The madness never stops.

Discover Seattle! / Re: Workshop
Jun 06 14 03:31
overkill GREAT JOB !  I like when things are done better than needed built to last.............word :)
Quote from: Natasha on May 08 14 11:25
I love DIY shows. It's never as easy as it looks on TV 😡

Sounds like my sex life  :(