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Is anyone still there? PC? purelife? Sportsdude? Gopher? I miss you guys. Hope all is well with you all and life is keeping you well.
Hello!! Just popping by.... incredible to see this forum still going. Amazing. And what a surprise to see Gophie asking about Lise. Lol. Am alive and well. I miss you all but I don't have time to visit this forum. Busy, busy, busy! Life is good!
Hello, hello, all! Sorry for not writing... have been incredibly busy with the older one getting ready for kindie. My baby's growing up!!! Waaaah..... but it's all good.

  Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.
I like the train but don't understand the seats. I think they're made for tall people. lol. Less seats but lots of standing room.
You are a naughty girl, Ms. purelife but since it's your b'day and all, you should be excluded for the day.

  Well.... been busy. It's time for school to start and today's the official day the babies are coming back. I can't wait to break them down. Hehe.
Wherever he is, I hope he's well. I do miss him.
I have two sick wee ones to take care of so I haven't been around lately. It sure sucks to have your flu/cold/whatever in the summer days. *groan* Well, at least it's somewhat over except I am now having sore throat.

  Going to go out in a bit to shop something for hubby. Completely forgotten it's his b'day next week.
Pfft.... can't you hear the tumbleweed roll?
Yaaaay!!!! Happy to for you, purelife!!
LOL. taco kat strikes!

  Too hawt................... cannot type well.
Some good cooking tips there, guys. My idea of cooking would be to open a bottle with a genie and have him cook me a gourmet meal.    
Swimming is awesome! It's the changing the kids, putting their clothes back on afterwardds that I detest.

  Yah, y'know what... next time we girls get together, I'll make sure we will hang around for more than an hour.  I mean, c'mon... it's not that often I get the night off from hubby and kids. I wanna make the most of it. Board games sounds like a great idea.

  Just painted my nails. It feels gooood.
Sailing and cheap in Vancouver don't go hand in hand. I hear it's pretty expensive but meh, maybe you can find a better deal.

  Had fun at girls' night out but it was so short. I thought we would have stayed longer. Bummer. Next time, we're crashing at my friend's pad. Maybe bring some booze. Anything to make it last longer.

  Gak. One more night before starting work again. My only console is that we don't get to see our supervisor for three weeks. Woot!
Oh dear.... there's nothing more frustrating than downloading something that disguises as an upgrade or whatever. Good luck, Ms. PC. I feel your pain.