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Beautiful, Gophie.

That's where I live in my dreams. *swoon*
Discover Seattle! / Re: Party
Jun 23 14 09:16
Any mystery faces ?  ;D
Discover Seattle! / Re: Workshop
Jun 23 14 09:13
Fabulous, Tehborken !  Super well done !

So what are you going to build first ?
You are as charming as ever, Kitten.  It's so nice to read you again. =)

I spent the day in the garden, in the rain. I have little golf ball size purple cauliflowers peaking through the leaves. 
And my bok choy has gone full out mutant.  It got huge in about two weeks !  :)
Hi Russ !!! =)
Discover Seattle! / Re: Made where
Jun 20 14 06:40
Hahaha.  Love it.  ;D
Discover Seattle! / Re: Made where
Jun 19 14 10:10

I've always loved your perspective.  Too funny. =)))))
Hi Lil Me !!!!!  So nice to see you. =)
Discover Seattle! / Re: Workshop
May 29 14 07:21
I'm totally interested in seeing them !
I had three chocolate chip and pecan cookies as soon as they came out of the oven.  Then I wasn't hungry for lunch.
Current Reading: What happened to my didn't come back this year.
Oh're still funny and charming as ever. =)

I'm one of those people who can't stay clean for five minutes.  I've always thought that those who can are the weird ones. lol

Hi Lil Me, Dude and Gophie.
Try The Property Brothers too, Kitten.  I think you might enjoy it.
As luck would have it, it seems he only departed a couple weeks before you showed up. =(
Quote from: TehBorken on May 21 14 06:31
Yesterday we went downtown and did some shopping for the stuff Sakha can't find at Safeway or Albertsons, then came back up here and browsed in the mall. I needed an air hose extender for my air compressor, so that was my big purchase. Oooh the excitement never stops. :)

On another note, my son reached his "ATP" status and is now allowed to wear civilian clothes when off duty. Apparently it's bloody hot at Shepard and it's nice to get out of his heavy camo suit and wear something lighter when walking around the base.

Forgive my ignorance....what is ATP.