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Last post by Chief Wakanakan - Nov 23 22 06:27

As we begin yet another "Thanksgiving", let us reflect on what exactly this day means. This is the day where my people taught your people how to live off the land. Without our knowledge, you surely would have failed and either passed away from starvation or fled back to your homes across the Atlantic. Not only did you accept our help but you also stabbed us in the back. You made treaties which you didn't honor and gave our women and children blankets soaked with disease. You aren't people of your word. It's time that the Swayson Tribe get back what is truly ours. You stole much of our land here in the Pacific Northwest. We want it back. We want our land back and we want to be reimbursed for all the pain you've caused us. If you do that, we'll learn to coexist side by side. Until then, make sure to tell your kids what this day is truly about as you give thanks for all you have and spend the next day punching people for discounted electronics.

Chief Wakanakan
Swayson Tribe
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Hello. And Bye.
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Sorry to hear that. :(
Wild, Wild West Board / R.I.P. Dad 1953-2022
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dignitymemorial dot com/fr-ca/obituaries/victoria-bc/joseph-lebrun-10945416
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Last post by RDL35 - Apr 12 22 11:36

I also got banned from an AA meeting that runs every night 7pm-2am Pacific, I believe its based in Seattle...

Im also on the verge of getting banned from an 11pm meeting in Vancouver...

I go to another 24 hour a day, 7 day a week meeting, I believe its based in New York City, I think I will be a good boy on that one for now, gotta have something to keep me company at night...
Wild, Wild West Board / 35 years old and still getting...
Last post by RDL35 - Apr 05 22 10:39
I have recently been doing AA meetings on Zoom on my landline phone, and I recently got banned from a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, international marathon meeting based out of Auckland, New Zealand, for trolling :D
Hear, hear, let the truth be told.
Good afternoon,

As we approach another Thanksgiving, let us not forget what this precious holiday truly represents. As you enjoy your white meat, mash potatoes, and rolls, don't forget the true treachery that you celebrate. My people's land was taken by white men who gave us gifts of blankets covered in disease. Your treaties were nothing more than worthless toilet paper.

You use this holiday to give thanks, watch football, and then go trample one another over discount electronics, a day after being 'thankful for what you have. I give thanks that more people are starting to see what the white man truly did to us. Columbus Day is about to become Indigenous People's Day. Soon, Thanksgiving will be exposed for what it truly is, a day for you to be happy and fat as you drop crumbs on the land of my people.

We will never give up! Never!

Chief Wakanakan
Swayson Tribe