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Hi SD!  Gosh, I thought you were living in Van.  How come you're in Montreal?  Sleep deprivation sucks for sure.

I love extra crunchy peanut butter on toasted flax macks bread.  yum!
Oh, that reminds me to buy some crystalized ginger! 
Heading to Bellingham for shopping, haven't been there since Jan. 
I've never tried the crock pot method but I think you can if you don't mind really mushy cabbage.  In mine, I have ground beef, onions, cabbage, celery, tomatoes and a huge can of stewed tomatoes.  I add italian seasonings and salt/pepper to taste. 
Leftovers for lunch. :)
Game of Thrones.  And then True Blood when it comes out.
I am still on book one of Game of Thrones.  I may have to move on because I've been on this book for months! 

I really want to read A Winter's Tale after having seen the movie.
Hi everyone! :)
time to have some dark chocolate. 
Hi Kitten and Lil Me!
My usual salad for lunch today.  Gonna make the one dish cabbage rolls casserole.  I don't have time to roll these babies up so just end up cooking everything (minus rice) all at once.  So much easier that way. :)
Hi everyone!  I'm not sure why I don't come here often.  I should.   :)
My 4 yr old is going into Kindergarten this year and we got accepted into the school we wanted him in.  Our catchment school was primarily one race and he'd be the only mixed kid there.  Where has the time gone?!  Soon, my oldest will be graduating high school too, and coincidentally at the same school I graduated.
homemade salad with everything you can think of...... cucumbers, coleslaw, chicken, pumpkin seeds, cilantro, radishes, these chinese leafy greens that my mom grows out of her garden, butter lettuce with balsamic fig dressing. 
I can't imagine how happy Sakha is to have her mom come visit.  I'm happy to hear that your mil has that opportunity to visit.  She may not ever want to leave.   :)
Hiya GOPHIE!!!  How have you been doing?!  :)
It's scary to think how girls pick up on these "girly" things at such a young age.  My daughter loves her dolls and bags.  I've noticed how she likes to loop them in her arm and strut around the house.  I haven't yet purchased her a real girly bag yet but I'm sure in time, I will.  lol.  I like your idea of giving her old gift cards.  I shall keep them for that day when she has her fake wallet. 
I remember you mentioned you thought you were going to have a second girl but baby ended up being a boy.  I have been dieing to know the story to that!   :D   Please share.  And how is he doing? How old is he now?
Hi Teh Borken, Russ, DDD....
What a little rascal your little miss is.  She and my son should meet after you read about what my 4 yr old did.
He got a hold of the box of pantiliners in the bathroom drawer.  He took the sticker part of the backing off of each and every one of them (about 30 or so left) and started to stick them on my bedroom wall like it was art work!  We should've captured a pic.  It would've been priceless.
Oh, and he got a hold of my US change coin purse and $40 US is now missing.  I bet he and his little sister were happily enjoying the thrill of ripping the two $20 bills to shred and then throwing the coins everywhere.  I searched high and low for the bills and so I really think they shredded it or they were accidently thrown in the trash.
Hello everyone...hope all is doing well! 
Hope everyone had a festive holiday.  Happy new year! Thought I'd drop by on a very quiet work day.  I took down the tree and decor yesterday.  Feels good to have my living room back.   :)
Lunch was creamed corn with fried eggs
Dinner was chicken noodle soup
Hi everyone!  A year goes by so quickly!! My lil miss is growing up so fast.