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Title: My Land
Post by: Chief Wakanakan on Nov 29 19 10:34
My apologies for coming to you later than normal on this horrible week in which you'll celebrate the destruction of our people. As you consume mass amounts of food, think long and hard about all of the atrocities that you and your people committed. As you fight one another on Black Friday for discounted goods, a mere day after giving thanks for what you have, think about the young children that you systematically wiped out by tossing blankets covered in smallpox to help keep them warm. Every year I come forward and bring awareness to this problem that has plagued our land. I will continue this fight so long as the Great Spirit grants me breath. It is my hope that you all will wake up and try to make amends for all of the horrible deeds that you committed against my innocent people.

Chief Wakanakan
Swayson Tribe
Title: Re: My Land
Post by: Hollars on Dec 12 19 05:22
Wise words, Chief. We take so much for granted these days.