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Discover Seattle! / Re: DNA
Oct 19 15 01:58
Via National Geeorgraphic, Russ
I had some many years ago and hated it. This time I absolutely love it. Maybe Starfish can make some for you.
Nice to see someone else here. Hi, Russ!
Paladin's a great chap.
But would they, if the same conditions and priorities still applied?
Good to see  again Lil Me. It's been very quiet here while you seem to have been living several lives at the same time.
I am still here, and there, and everywhere.
It's my social conscience.
At least it's a nice thought.
Quote from: Minnie on Jun 26 15 07:19
I was supposed to be having a quiet day today Grrrr

What are quiet days?  ;D
I could be feeling better