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Sportsdude wrote:
 Its not that I don't believe its that I've graduated from church (been confirmed, grew up in the church enviroment) and that I already know what I'm going to do with that knowledge. I'm going to help people.  There is nothing wrong with being 'secular' even thou I'm really not 'secular'.its just I know I will get that label if I stick around the midwest. To me religion is a private matter between you and whatever you believe or not believe in. I don't need someone who might not have an outlook on the world that is favourable to my beliefs. (It was at the missouri synod church, so I didn't want to here anti this and anti that) and (I have a problem with them because they create women as second class citzens, they can't be pastors or even deacons.)[/DIV]
 What one believes is indeed a matter between oneself and one's creator - one reason why creeds have always 'got to me' is the way in which one is expected to stand up and quote the beliefs of another person or body, rather than one's own.

Your history seems to have been somewhat like mine, Sportsdude. I too grew up in the church and went through confirmation: strange thing was that it was immediately after I became confirmed that the doubts came into evidence - doubts which plagued  and worried me for about 30 years until I found myself able to sort it all out and come to the realisation that my contiued, albeit tenuous, connection to the church of my youth and childhood had its foundation in the guilt that had been laid upon me simply because I was expected to believe what I couldn't.

  Happily I have found a new stage on which to perform.
Discover Seattle! / Re: User Age
Apr 18 06 01:24
Yuki wrote:
 Great.! all is not lost.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^[/DIV]
 [FONT color=#00407f]Nothing is ever lost - unless you embrace the delusion that you've made your last mistake.[/FONT]
Sportsdude wrote:
 "the journalists aren't assigned projects like that."

Of course they aren't. Who wants to be labeled by the conservative media a "traitor." Edward R. Murrow would have been shot if the things he did during McCarthyism Era was today.

    And real news here doesn't sell. We like the Natalie Hollaway stories.[/DIV]
 [FONT color=#00007f]Who cares how anyone is portrayed by the conservative media? Unless, of course, it's in a derogatory sense - in which case it's complimentary. [/FONT]  
Trollio wrote:
I have said many evil things at DV and will continue to do so. My personality is divided in half. Here resides the light side, unified and closer to what is real. The dark side has many, many names, writhing in hateful absurdity and merciless in its virulence.  
 [FONT color=#00007f]It's obviously also confessional[/FONT]
How did he avoid repetitive strain injury?
hub_spinner wrote:
 We're all victims of the compliant US media shamefully assisting the extremist administration into transforming America into a dictatorship and ignored one of the most serious threat facing America's democracy today -- riggable voting machines.

  Like your views, hub-spinner

  There are alternatives to the overwhelmingly fascist media.  I'll share some with you later.
kitten wrote:
 What a lovely contribution.  It's delightful to read the intelligent and tolerant views of a person such as yourself.[/DIV]
 [FONT color=#00007f]Brilliant comment, kitten[/FONT]
Yes, another book thread - but this time one in which I hope that all fellow bookworms will tell us all what they are reading at the present time. This of course, can be added to as time goes by.

  To start things off, I'll offer:

  Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons


Dude, Where's My Country? - Michael Moore.    
Discover Seattle! / Re: Hmmmmmm
Apr 15 06 01:10
hub_spinner wrote:
 Gopher wrote..."   "The worst in 100 years? Who came before him who was even equally as bad?"

  That is a very good question.  Some reviled American presidents, such as Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon, were inherited bad circumstances and perhaps didn't exacerbated them, but didn't totally create them. George W. Bush, at the helm of a stunningly corrupt administration, with the disgraceful help of the overwhelmingly Fascist media, has been the creator of historical horrors, and a shameless generator of lies.[/DIV][/DIV][/DIV]
 [FONT color=#00007f]Well said, and even Hoover and Nixon were within the 100 years.[/FONT]
tenkani wrote:
 Yup. It always amazes me how Jesus' teachings have been perverted into teaching that good Christians are wealthy and the poor are weak in faith. They literally look at a wealthy person and assume that god has blessed them. The richer the televangelist is, for instance, the more likely he has a pious heart and speaks the truth.

  Jeez, I wonder who this perspective benefits...[/DIV]
 [FONT color=#0000bf]Maybe they look at wealthy people and  rather than merely assume,  actually KNOW that God has blessed them by creating the poor of the world to ensure that they obtain their riches.Yep, it's a crazy world - then again, I suppose the 'wonder of it all' is what keeps most of us alive: however, it would bepar preferable if there were less  negative 'wonder' to fill our minds.[/FONT]
Lise wrote:
 Hiya folks! Sorry for being away but here's my Easter greeting to everyone!! Kisses and chocolates to all.

 Thanks Lise, the same wishes go to you.
The worst in 100 years? Who came before him who was even equally as bad?  
tenkani wrote:
 I hear that in the book, Canadians march on Washington and burn the White House!!

[FONT color=#0000bf]How outrageously awful - who is in it at the time? le[/FONT]
Discover Seattle! / Re: User Age
Apr 14 06 11:46
TehBorken wrote:
  tenkani wrote:
 [SPAN style="FONT-STYLE: italic"]Do you believe in reincarnation?[/SPAN]

I didn't the last time.

[FONT color=#0000bf]What were you before?