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Rolling In The Deer (adele)

Call Of Me (John legend)
Wonderful words of encouragement and definitely needed it.

Hope you all enjoyed Valentine's Day.
^ thank you.

Just got back from a big trip. At least all that went well. To bad good spells can't last forever.
Quote from: Russ on Oct 16 15 10:22
It depends on the day of the week, but I could agree with your friend Jim TB.
Same here.
I'd even go as far as investigating the ex spouse.
Wish I could say the same. We're starting off our new year with my mom needing bypass surgery on three clots, I'm in and out of court over personal issues, and my aunt recently passed away.
Hopefully the year will get better from here *knock on wood*
Hi everyone.

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are off to a great new year.
Hope everyone enjoys their holidays.
Things and relationships are looking up :)
What do you want from me - Adam lambert.
Grilled chicken, salad, baked potato. And I want it again tomorrow lol
I went fishing last night. After four hours I had several bites, caught one blue gill, and two tree limbs!
Discover Seattle! / Re: WPM
Jul 08 14 11:51
Thanks Gophie.

Black Hole Bun- sound garden
So one of my sisters let me know that I am going to be aunt again.