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Discover Seattle! / Re: Jukebox
Mar 10 10 02:13
Outstanding! Thanks!  
I lolled right in my chair   :)  
I will ask the universe to shorten your misery.
Sorry you're sick bro   :(
No offense intended, Orik. You're Ok in my book.
Good luck, brother.
Sorry dude!!
Didn't know you worshipped big red!!
Happy Lunch!!!
I'm starving. My dog just brought in an old rawhide that she had buried in the back yard.
It had softened in the moist earth and looks like an old limp sock in her mouth.
I better eat now before we start fighting over it.
Is that why satanists smell so bad?  
guns and ammo april 2010 edition.
its rubbish.
Then we'd get turned on by how "firm and jutting" a girl's liver is.
He's not ugly, that's just his bad side.
So why do they call you big orik?
baby in the trash can

Discover Seattle! / Re: 3 Wishes
Mar 04 10 04:24
I can't remember!    
Discover Seattle! / Re: 3 Wishes
Mar 04 10 03:02
 Oh, I found my missing post.
It was behind the couch            
Hi PC!!!  :D

Yeah, the dude does have a lot of height to feed.

I haven't had lunch yet because real estate agents, landscapers and city waste management has been crawling up my ass.
So long story short im hungry.

We're all pink inside.