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I have to go, so I hope everyone has a good lunch!  
Oh yes, there will be and better then the one you were at! I wish you the best in finding the "right one"  
I don't think this was mentioned, I looked back abit. When kids talk about sex ed. and say "we learned about the vagina today, and the penis" always makes me laugh. hmm not sure why, maybe cause they say it so innocently and they see the rubberized version of a "vagina"  
BTW - hello to you all, I made an acount awhile ago. Couldn't remember password, so made another account yesterday and remembered this password again. I have been reading some threads, and that's why I asked you that question P.C.  
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*my Friday is actually Wednesday, which would make today Sunday.....making my Saturday actually a Monday......ummm........never mind.
Any exciting weekend plans out there ?

PC - I apologize if I am a little behind, did you already find another position?
Discover Seattle! / Re: Gold Bras
Feb 22 07 10:49
That is very amusing, I like the silver/black hands. What I really want to know is where in public is that woman wearing her unique set of hands?  
Thinking I am glad this day is over, and a new one to look forward to.  
I parasailed once, and that was enough for me! I can't even imagine someone going through that and living to talk about it with a smile. Good on her.  
Hey Female, hope the baby's doing good  
That was quite nice Dick  
 mmm..Chicken sounds good, I ended up getting Sushi again. I am so addicted to it.    
It's just one of those days....  
I hated math all throughout and didn't take much interest in this subject area, yet at this time in my life I am using calculations for several different reasons. Luckily enough, the program I entered into a few years ago was able to provide the understanding of how to do these calculations. I would have failed miserably if there wasn't such technology as calculators!  
I am now completely horrified with that greenish substance story. I thought those were always known as *wives tales* and although McDonalds is not frequented by us, some other places are when in a huge constraint for time. All I can say is...EWW  
It seems she may be lacking some caffeine stimuli, I hope she can redeem herself