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Discover Seattle! / Re: My land!
Nov 22 23 07:40
Glad to see you're still with us, Chief. :)
DDD for the win, lol  ;D
Discover Seattle! / Re: Natasha
Nov 21 23 12:25
Man, they'll let anyone in here :)

Long time no see, what's new?
Quote from: Bec on Sep 09 23 11:04My best regards to the admin here and a wish to succeed in fixing the board email system.

I *wish* it was something on my end I could fix. Unfortunately, more than a few email and anti-spam services mark us as spam and sometimes refuse to deliver mail from the domain. :( 

Anyway, cheers, and I'm glad you got everything restored. Quite the relief, eh?
Quote from: Bec on Sep 07 23 08:31I too miss background music sometimes. *sigh*

Do you ever hear from tenkani?

Not for a while; we exchanged an email a while back and he's doing well.
Quote from: Bec on Sep 07 23 03:52Hi admin, in case you are reading, it doesn't seem possible to regain board access by clicking on "forgot password", I.e. no email gets sent by the board. 🫤
It gets sent, but due to spam restrictions, a lot of email providers won't deliver the email.
Discover Seattle! / Oh look
Sep 02 23 02:48
Okay, so we moved the board and were able to keep all the messages, PMs, etc etc. Yay. :)

Next, trying to rebuild the DS theme.
Discover Seattle! / Re: My Land
Nov 24 22 07:32
Cheers, Chief.....I was almost worried you wouldn't show.  :)
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Sorry to hear that. :(
Hear, hear, let the truth be told.
Hats off to our Canadian friends and neighbors. :) 

It's almost time, Chief, don't forsake us this year!

Quote from: Chief Wakanakan on Nov 21 18 09:37Greetings,

As you celebrate another year of Thanksgiving, please don't forget what you did to my people as you trample one another for discounted electronics. The Swayson Tribe will have their land restored to them, as sure as the night is vanquished by the Sun. This battle will not end as long as oxygen fills my lungs. I believe that right will defeat wrong. The sins of the past will be on display for the world to see. Stand with my people. You can be on the right side of history. This land belongs to my people. We will never give up. Join me and spread the word that the Swayson Tribe be returned the land that is rightfully ours!

Chief Wakanakan
Swayson Tribe
Quote from: Mel on Jun 03 19 05:50
Thing is, since you did that, other posters have done exactly the same thing too, at least a half dozen times or more. ... Problem is though, with six different offshoots you don't find six times the number of posters between them.  Everything has become ultra 'diluted' to the point of exactly what you state happens: They essentially become dormant, or if they're lucky maybe have a small handful of posters left.
Yep, I think you nailed it: dilution. 

Forums were a lot of fun to run back in the day, but now they're mostly a boring commodity item. Even for niche interests there are sooooo many to choose from.

Pick any make or model of car, for example, and there are probably 50 forums devoted to each one.

Plus, sites like Pinterest and Instagram have supplanted stuff like photo sharing which used to be a major draw for a lot of forums.

So yeah, I think in large part they're history. There will always be some but the quality dropped as the quantity increased. More isn't always better.