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Raor, people targeting  you with all that nastiness was well out of order, however, I am very glad to tell you that you will not get that kind of crap over here. Posting kitten pics... sorry I prefer dogs myself, lol.. Raor, I hope you will be very happy over here.

Wow! You are one very lucky guy
Best of luck to you

 P.C. wrote:
I'm just thinking there isn't exactly a LOT of women 6ft tall.  Wouldn't the comparison have made more sense to at least use something that might have more familiarity ?  Like maybe a 5ft 9in man ?  THAT I can readily visualize.
Anyways, I digress.
  [span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);"]I'm amazed he's made it to 9 years old.[/span] Killing him with kindness? It's anything but kind to have this poor thing waddle through life exhausted. It's sad to mistreat an animal in this way.

Pc, i fully agree... hate to think what his heart is like.
Sportsdude, i would love to be 5.10" or above.

I've got quite a short family

I'm 5feet8inches (boohoo)
My second eldest sister 5feet.4 inches
And my eldest sister was 5feet 6inches

  I'm just wondering how the dog got this overweight in the first place.    
I don't even know what the average weight  for a man is ... lol.
Have you ever notice that the media and scientist  always put an average or a percentage  to our every day lives.

[FONT size=6] Fat dog's owners on cruelty charge

[/FONT] Alan Hamilton

[FONT size=4] 11½ stone Labrador was unable to walk
Owners allegedly ignored vet's advice

[/FONT][FONT size=2][/FONT] Obesity has become such an issue of political incorrectness that two brothers appeared in court yesterday charged with allowing a dog to get too fat.

 Rusty, a nine-year-old Labrador, may only have been doing what Labradors do, which is to eat everything in sight. But he ballooned to more than 11½ stone (161lb, 73kg), the ideal weight for a large-boned 6ft (1.82m) woman, but not a retriever, which should be chasing sticks and newly shot game.

[FONT size=2][/FONT] Rusty had trouble standing up, and after no more than five paces he had to sit down again, breathless. He looked, magistrates at Ely, Cambridgeshire, were told yesterday, more like a seal than a dog.

[FONT size=2]  

[/FONT][FONT color=#0000ff] [/U][/FONT][A href=",,2-2476938,00.html"][FONT color=#0000ff]More of the above story here.[/U][/FONT][/A]

Hmm...Are we being to kind? Are we killing our pets with kindness? Should animal welfare organizations take owners to court , just for over feeding there pet?

 I say people should and must get Prosecuted.

 [img style="WIDTH: 207px; HEIGHT: 157px" height=157 alt=Photobucket src="" width=160 hosting="" image="" and="" video="" -=""]

 This dog sure has problems./

 [img alt=Photobucket src="" hosting="" image="" and="" video="" -=""]

 This is what a healthy Labrador should look like/



True (Football is boring)

  The person below me owns an exspensive car.  
 False (I get sea sick)

 The person below me loves animals.

I had a very happy new year.
small party, All the family togeather & at twelve midnight on came the tv and we heard Big Ben chime...Also watched the masive fireworks display in London. I feel sorry for the people in Scotland as there celebrations were cancelled becouse of high winds and heavy, better luck next year.  
[FONT size=4] Happy New Year everyone

[/FONT][FONT size=2][/FONT] It's now 12.01 over here in England so I'm going to have a few drinks with my family to celebrate.

 Be merry

 Be safe

 Have a drink on me...[img alt=Photobucket src="" hosting="" image="" and="" video="" -=""][img alt=Photobucket src="" hosting="" image="" and="" video="" -=""]



[img height=478 alt=Photobucket src="" width=617 hosting="" image="" and="" video="" -=""]

  Two Antelope fighting, mabe over a female..
Wellcome to Discoverseattle Raor and at least over here you know who you are talking to.    
 Gopher wrote:
She can award the prize (a bust of herself complete with pointed bra). This event could be held annually, to rival the Oscars.

lol, I shouldent think she would get much Tv coverage

Mel gibson & Paris Hilton have got the same amount of votes.
 Mel Gibson needs to put his brain in gear before his mouth.
 Paris Hilton needs to stop being an atention seeker and use some of her millions on acting classes.