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[FONT size=4] Do you guys think fig leaves & Y-Fronts will catch on?/

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 [FONT size=4]I thought you copied Documents on these things?/[/FONT]

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 [FONT size=4]Hmm... Anyone know who this guy is?/ [/FONT]

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 The soldiers driving style may seem a bit aggressive, but I do feel that maybe they are fearful of being ambushed.
Did you catch what they said at the end of the clip?... when a guy walked across the road in front of them.
'there he goes picking his nose without a care in the world', lol.

Yup... it would make me think twice about taking drugs.
Discover Seattle! / Re: Naked Vote
Jan 27 07 01:46
[FONT size=4] Absolutely not, besides I'm an absolute coward anyway.

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  [FONT size=2] How's this for an anti-drugs campaign.

I'm not sure if this link can help you or not, but give it a try.

  [A href=""][/A]
Never much good at Board Games.
purelife wrote:
 How about you and me play british bull dog,[FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffff00"] purelife's style. ;)[/FONT]

 Do i dare ask?

Lise wrote:
 Hmm. Don't recall playing BBD. Sounds violent.

  Games that I can remember playing frequently would be tag. We didn't have boys at our school so we couldn't catch and kissy kiss.  Never mind lise... i'm sure you've had lots of kisses since


 EDIT: Hmm..that reminds of anouther game i used to play at School... Kiss chase, lol

Sadly they have banned it in most schools the say its to violent.
 I'm not to sure if you actually play this game in America or Canada, but When I was young I use to love playing British Bulldog... From the list I use to also love playing marbles. I phoned my mother up & put the same question to her and she explained that she used to love to play Hopscotch, lol, and that was way back in the late 1930s, just shows how old some of these games are.

[FONT color=#0000ff] [/U][/FONT][A href=""][FONT color=#0000ff]More about British Bulldog here[/U][/FONT][/A]

"I wonder how many kids now can recognize or ever will play half of these games... :( I think its too computer and game orientated for the younger generation."

Russ, sadly I agree with you... Children just don't spend enough time outside.

[FONT size=3] Russ, i should think it would be a pile of rust by now, unless they placed it in some sort of air-tight wrapping. It would be amazing if it came out of the ground in Good condition tho.


  EDIT: "At the time, the guesses were recorded on microfilm and sealed in a steel container buried with the car."

  I should think that the winners would be in there late 70s or early 80s by now.    
I thought my grammar was bad... but after seeing the site below i feel a lot better about myself.

   [A href=""][/A]


  lol... what the hell is the point in censoring out the swearwords. I f they really want to clean up the forum then they can start by deleting all the anal, Asian & glory hole threads , Haha, that should take care of about one hundred pages, oh yeah delete all the spam at the same time.
I don't feel that the admin at dv should sensor people to that extent... If you don't like excessive swearing then don't look at the thread.

Some people who have been on Discovervancouver  for a few months should know what  threads/ nicknames to keep away from.

DV Admin have got do  away with this stupid censorship.... Hmm, do you think  the word "Bollocks" is allowed  on Discovervancouver? lol