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pitballca, I surprised you haven't heard of that old saying
Break a mirror you get 7yrs bad luck.


pitballca.bc will also get seven years badluck, lol, (if you believe in that stuff)

Can you think of what was going on in the world & in your lives in the same year as these famous people died?
 [ol][li]John F Kennedy 1963[/li][li]Jimmy Hendrix 1970[/li][li]Elvis Presley 1977[/li][li]John Lennon 1980[/li][li]Diana Princess of Wales (Lady Diana Spencer) 1997[/li][/ol]
 [ol][li]My sister was born, Buster Edwards masterminded the great train robbery Buckinghamshire, England (2.3 million pounds was stolen)[/li][li]1st family holiday in the United states, Paul McCartney breaks from the Beatles & the Vietnam war still raging on.[/li][li]I was 10 years old and parents took me and my two older sister to my local street party to celebrate the Queens silver Jubilee (25yrs on the throne), Star Wars breaks all box office records.[/li][li]Ronald Reagan becomes Us President, the world waits `Who shot J R' in Dallas Tv Series.[/li][li]My Mother almost dies during an operation, Jacques Villeneuve wins the Formula one Championship & Tony Blair elected Prime minister of England[/li][/ol]  
 [h1]World War 2 Facts[/h1]         [ul type="disc"][li class="factlist" type="disc"]The first German serviceman killed in the war was killed by the Japanese (China, 1937)[/li][li class="factlist"]The first American serviceman killed was killed by the Russians (Finland 1940).[/li][li class="factlist"]80% of Soviet males born in 1923 didn't survive World War 2[/li][li class="factlist"]The highest ranking American killed was Lt. Gen. Lesley McNair, killed by the US Army Air Corps.[/li][li class="factlist"]Between 1939 and 1945 the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bombs, An average of about 27,700 tons of bombs each month.[/li][li class="factlist"]12,000 heavy bombers were shot down in World War 2[/li][li class="factlist"]2/3 of Allied bomber crews were lost for each plane destroyed[/li][li class="factlist"]3 or 4 ground men were wounded for each killed[/li][li class="factlist"]6 bomber crewmen were killed for each one wounded[/li][li class="factlist"]Over 100,000 Allied bomber crewmen were killed over Europe[/li][li class="factlist"]There were 433 Medals of Honor awarded during World War 2, 219 of them were given after the receipiant's death[/li][li class="factlist"]From 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945 in Europe the Allies had 200,000 dead and 550,000 wounded[/li][li class="factlist"]The youngest US serviceman was 12 year old Calvin Graham, USN. He was wounded       in combat and given a Dishonorable Discharge for lying about his age. (His benefits were later restored by act of Congress).[/li][/ul][a href=""]More facts here[/a]
 In 1952, a Texas Tabby named Dusty set the record by having more than 420 kittens before having her last litter at age 18.

The average Human FARTS between 14-16 times a day.  
Discover Seattle! / Re: Canadians
Mar 29 07 12:48
 Oh rly? wrote:
Do you guys like them? They're hella gay, and shit talk us Americans. Deth to Canada!

HUH! You talk a load of shit yourself.

lol, I said slowly... they have still got a very long way to go.  
Somehow i dont feel DS will become like DV
DV is slowly improving  
Yes that commercial did annoy the hell out of me, however, there was a more annoying one, and that was the Crazy Frog ring-tones... That bloody frog drove me mad  
Raging Poodle!, What is the point in bringing all of Discovervancouver problems over here? I joined this site to get away from the trolls & haters on DiscoverVancouver... Now I seemed to encounter more and more dv trolls & haters over here on DiscoverSeattle, i was going to post more often, now I'm thinking differently.

And what's with "[a href=",4523.0.html"]DIE Raging Poodle" and other trolls, losers and haters[/a]" all this thread does is make DS look bad.

Raging Poodle!, I've blessed you, lol, maybe that will cheer you up.

BTW... I think the mods on Discovervancouver are doing a good job because without them DiscoverVancouver  would be a lot worse.

Ps:  Feel free to smite me now, lol

The black death (Plague) in just 4 yrs  Killed 75 million people. The reason it was called the BLACK DEATH is just before death your body turned black.

 And did you also know...

The largest Penis belongs to the blue whale (nearly 7 feet long)...

Rally driving like any other motorsport can be very Dangerous...slightest mistake or lack of concentration can make the car go out of control. Take a butchers at the video in the following link. I think there are about 10-12 cars involved in this crash, and no one was killed or even injured... amazing.
[a href=""][/a]

kingy wrote:
 the best thing to do is respond.

  here is a long blog of someone that responded and had a little fun with those scammers.

  [A href=""][/A][/DIV]
 [FONT size=3] It was great to read how this guy got his own back on the scammers, lol. The only scams I ever get are from so-called banks wanting my bank details, I just wish I knew enough about the internet to trace some of these idiots.

Gunta wrote:
 I smoke, and who cares. 20 years ago everybody smoked, and now it's gross.

  Don't hate. 20 years ago there was not that much information about, thankfully today there is advice and help for everyone... You just have to ask.

[FONT face=Arial size=3] I hate the smell of smoke. Four years ago i use to smoke around 40 fags a day (fag=slang for cigarette) until at long last I realized what harm I was doing to myself, and that I did not want to have heart failure or a stroke be time i was 45 so I went up the chemist bought some Nicotine patches... I'm now more healthy and my breath does not stink like an old ashtray any more.

[/FONT][FONT face=Arial size=2][/FONT][FONT face=Arial size=3] "[/FONT][FONT size=3]Do you feel annoyed when someone lights up a cigarette and smokes in front of you?"

[/FONT][FONT face=Arial size=3] Yes I do, it's nearly always at a bus stop when someone lights up, the smoke blows right past my face... when you ask them nicely to be careful of there smoke they just give you a funny look... I also stopped going to my local pub due to the smoke making my eyes water & also I end up coughing most of the night, however, by the end of this year you will no longer be allowed to smoke in pubs or clubs over this side of the pond.