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In the future, holistic healing will modify western medicine and blend into it like a stream merging with a large river. Already, reiki is being used in hospitals. Dolores Krieger invented therapeutic touch which, ironically, is non-touching application of energy. Johrei is strictly non-touching. It was begun in Japan by Mokichi Okada, lovingly known as Meishu Sama by his followers.

Once dismissed as mumbo-jumbo, holistic healing is increasingly being given a try by more and more people in the United States and canada.

Everyone compares us negatively to Canadians, portraying them as paragons of considerate and polite behavior whereas the United States is supposed to be Canada's bad boy twin. In real life there is some truth to that. But in the blogosphere, guess what?

On Canadian forums poster malign, spew vulgarity, attack other posters personally and racially, and do all kinds of shameless things. On US forums, by comparison, conduct is generally more mature even if not always more friendly.

What gives? Is it because the mods on US forums are generally not so laissez-faire?
I always defend moderate Muslims and Arab-Americans against bigotry. But I recently offended a headstrong Arab-American woman on Facebook by saying India and Israel have too many Muslims. What I meant was that they have every right to protect their Jewish and their Hindu identities. She posts extremist comments like calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "a mass murderer." Not a word about all the rockets coming into Israel, killing people.

The reason she is so angry with me is because I mentioned all the crimes Muslims committed in the past against my Hindu ancestors. I also pointed out that many Arabs are very racist against black people. In Lebanon or Morocco, Arabs sometimes taunt blacks in the street with the slur "abeed!abeed!" Abeed literally means slaves in Arabic, but colloquially it is used to mean the African race. Arabs took more slaves out of Africa than whites did. But we only hear about the sins of Big Bad Honky, right?

We should embrace law-abiding fellow citizens who want to be good Americans in the street and good Muslims in the mosque. But those who romanticize backward societies while villanizing either America or her allies should go live there.
A waiter dropped the plate of dinner he was carrying on Thanksgiving Day at the United Nations, and that created an international incident. It was:

1) The fall of grease.
2) The smashing of china.
3) The collapse of turkey.
4) It cost a golden new guinea to pay for the mess.