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All I can say, Kitten,'re doing it right.  Enjoying moments we too often take for granted. 

Have spent the last couple days prepping gardens and prepping for a massive garage sale. Something I should have done BEFORE I moved.  What a mistake that was. =)
Was wondering if Gophie knows you're back.  He sure missed you when you left.
Yipes....tried to find time today to drop by.  Running a week late getting the veggie garden planted, so have been 'cramming' the last few days.  My pre-planted seedlings are screaming to be transplanted. =))

Nice to sit and read outside, Kitten.  Something we could all follow your example on.  It feels so peaceful.
I think we agree....the man should write a book !  He has a special way with words...I often genuinely laughed out loud.
Reminds me a little bit of David Niven's writings....whom I also lol'd for real. =)
Quote from: kitten on May 14 14 09:11
Applause, P.C.!!  What a tremendous amount of work you are doing.!  It seems you never have time to just kick back and be completely idle.  No rose-sniffing under your thumb.  You wouldn't have time to stop to smell it.  But congratulations on all you are accomplishing.  That's amazing.  How is your soreness now?  Starting to ease up with a couple of stiff ones and maybe a soak?
I had one of those incredibly perfect days....out in the sun all day, drinking cold water and just soaking up the heat.  Almost no pain, just perfection!  Oh, for another day like that again.  But I guess this was it and it will revert back to cold, wet days by the weekend.

Nice, Kitten.  Perfect days are.....perfect.  lol  happy to hear you had a painless day.  We should all make sure we don't take these things for granted.
I sure hope you read TehBorken's adventures in Cambodia.  Truly a great read.
Sounds lovely, Kitten.   :)

I spent the day planting a hedge. Only got half done.   I ache, I'm burnt and I'm tired.  In spite of that, I feel strangely good. 
Hopefully I'll be able to move tomorrow to get the other half done.
You've always been a great reader.  ;D

I was always surprised nobody ever started a 'I have something interesting to say' thread.
Oh Kitten....I'm just so thrilled to see you.

So how many cats do you have now ?  Lol

We lost our old guy earlier this year.  He was 19.   I miss him so. 
Should say hi to any familiar faces too. 

HI !
I'm so surprised to see you !

Having troubles remembering passwords. lol

I'm at a loss for words.  So unlike me.  :D
Discover Seattle! / Re: Complete
May 12 14 05:44
Quote from: TehBorken on Apr 26 14 08:33
My son graduated from the Air Force BMT at Lackland, TX, yesterday, April 25, 2014. :)

"Aim High. Fly, Fight, Win"

omg, TehBorken.....where did the time go ? 

That's the little Jman ?
Kitten !!!!!!!!!!

I haven't read anything yet....have to play catch up. How nice to see you !
Priceless.  As always.

Hi everyone.  :)
Hi everyone.  Long time, no see.  Hope you are all well and happy !