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And you're going to spend it...coding?      ;)
Wow, kits. You're gorgeous      ;)


Shrink/expand header on the main page is a nice touch.

I'm liking the interface overall. LOTS of features but not really overwhelming visually.

Also, did you get my private message? I wanted to see if it worked.

Testing pic posting...

Maybe I'm doing somethign wrong, but when I'm inputting text and I want to make it bold, I select the text and bit the "B" icon up above.

Now, rather than seeing that text as bold in my preview windows (the window I'm typing in right now) I see the HTML tags for bold.

Does that make sense?
Hmmm, hard to say. I don't have a strong preference.

This is some freaking text.

Just playing around.

Erm...I don't get the font size option.

And it would be great, but not all that important, if there were icons showing swatches of color rather than text.

Oh, also is it necessary to see your post in HTML rather than WYSIWYG as you're composing?
So far I'm pretty impressed with the features.

I like how I can read previous posts while composing my reply.
My avatar got squishied, but I can re-size.

An avatar preview on the profile page would be nice, but that's a VERY minor concern. this package pretty secure?
There can be only one...Teh Gutch.