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Discover Seattle! / Re: Silence
Jul 05 07 02:43

I think maybe you were looking at it in a weird light.  
Discover Seattle! / Re: DUDES
Jul 05 07 02:41
Just an inside joke between me and Masta P    :)))

In truth I wouldn't be so picky about which girls get to step on me    ;)

[FONT color=#ffffff size=1].[/FONT]


6945 posts.

I think you're overqualified for the position    :)  
LOL. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion    :)

I laughed a lot harder at that movie than I expected to.

Also it was the day I fell in love with Mira Sorvino    
Discover Seattle! / Re: DUDES
Jul 05 07 01:41
Not in person.

It was just a wonderful dream.

On that I'll never forget for as long as I live    :))))
I guess that's my point.

Why are there so many poor people in the world, when all they need to do is find a paper clip and an electrical outlet?

Laziness    :(
Discover Seattle! / Re: DUDES
Jul 05 07 01:38
I'd just like to point out that there's nothing hotter in this universe than watching a beautiful Canadian woman toke up...and seeing that satisfied grin spread over her lovely face as the those busy little THC molecules bounce around in her bloodstream, softening the sharp edges of a harsh world. So they say    :)
Tell me if it works!!

If I just have to electrocute myself to win some money I know a bath tub and a space heater that are eager to please.

They told me so using the ancient scent-based language of inanimate objects. If you can't hear the voices of the rocks and the trees then you just aren't sniffing hard enough.
Discover Seattle! / Re: DUDES
Jul 05 07 01:29
I would bring up vaporizers but I have the distinct impression we've had that convo already.

But I can't be sure, since my brain is marijuana-addled and soft.

For instance, I can't remember what this thread is about.
He probably has a big ass and is just jealous.
Lunch time!!!!!1

I'll grab a grilled chicken sammie from the cafeteria I think.

P.S. I bet I have more apples on my desk than the rest of you guys.