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 Booze   :)
Tb, Goph. Hi guys!
I don't know. I just woke up.
 They say nostalgia is like a grammar lesson. We find the present tense but the past perfect.
Hey, DV is down.
Lise, baby I'm sorry for getting lost in time and space    :))))


  I only have a second. My carpool dude is coming soon. Maybe I will try to make myself really small and hide under my desk from him...
Good morning.

What's for Lunch??
Ah!!! Nice! Not about the heat I mean! That's not so nice!

P.C. how did you build a lake? Did the FSM descend on a cloud of angel hair and lend an appendage???
I was looking up at my monitor reading your post, Proj, and at the same time trying to fiddle with a muffin on my desk.

The muffin was waaaay too crumbly, which I hate just fyi, and I dumped part of it off the desk onto my carpet.

When the muffin chunk hit the carpet it basically exploded into a hundred sticky little crumbs which are going to be stepped on now and ground into the carpet, which is going to suck.

  What do you think it means?
Happy Monday, Devil!!!

What did you do at the lake???  
Hi again!!!

Miss P.C., thank you for the offer but my eyes cured themselves after a good dose of kona coffee!

There were coyotes howling in the woods about an hour ago!!

Also, I have 6 apples on my desk.
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude...I bet we could make a killer bong out of observer's skull     0_0
Hiya Devil, P.C., Sportsdude!!

My eyes hurt and I'm seeing double.

Coffee for breakfast I think!!!
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
No offense, but punsmiths deserve to have their balls stomped on by angry lesbians.
Last post of the day!

[FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#ff0000 size=7]PWNED!!!!!1[/FONT]
Guests can't be smited.

For they have no souls   0_0