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Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh.

Hi Gopher, Russ

It depends on when I turn in a research statement at this point, but it appears I'm off to Montreal for graduate studies in September. I've had a busy month.

Congrats on the baby, Russ! You and Starfish must be excited! :)

Hey guys,
Long time no read!

Only a few weeks left in Vancouver for me. It looks as of now that I'm headed to Montreal in September for more schooling. It's not completely a done deal but it feels as such. If this somehow falls through I think I will either land in Toronto or leave the continent.
Well that's the news from the bicyclist. :)
David Harvey, The Condition of Postmodernity.

I need to seriously get on this book... its the basis of a term paper that was due in December.

Also, Gramsci, Prison Notebooks.
I've been living off my own vegetable soup lately.


I've been working on grad apps, term papers from last term and recovering from the flu for the past week.
It's been a crazy couple of months of darting back and forth between four cities in two countries while still remembering I'm in school. February or March might have another wild globe trotting 'long weekend.'

Go Seahawks.

Summer with Ernest continues.... I'm not sure if this was a good idea considering how bad my summer has been.
Read The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms and now I'm half-way through For Whom the Bell Tolls. Depressing, but good; the latter one, at least. I thought A Farewell to Arms was annoying.

Went to the Island for the heck of it today; to remember that I once lived there, somehow, I think.
In Our Time -- Hemingway.

Don't worry... all that came out of it was a repeating nightmare for about a week.
I've got a cold or the flu now.

The ex randomly sent me a text message saying she was sorry for being a jerk. I'm not sure what she's exactly apologizing for - at this time anyway - but we're 'hanging out' sometime next week. The reactions from friends have ranged from "DEAR GOD" to "Oh no..." to "remember to bring your chastity belt." lol

The Fall - Albert Camus.

light reading. lol
Discover Seattle! / Re: Jubilee!
Jun 04 12 12:48
I didn't see any decent republican commentaries in the papers this weekend...
Republic's antics are good (the UK org) but I find their message gets a bit sensationalist.
Since we live in the age where no one cares about democracy, the case against the monarchy must be made on human rights/compassion grounds and not on a democratic one.

Finished The Phantom Tollbooth today - checked it out yesterday.

Back to reality...
Lewis Mumford: A City in History.

Of course.