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I still go on DV for news stuff and to stir up the trolls but other than that all good people are over here.  So why bother going over there.
I hate the way he talks.
speaking of which he was sworn in today.[/DIV]Bloody Hell. Hope he doesn't touch social issues. But more money for public transportation would be lovely.
I wish Shatner would just go away.[/DIV]He's like Paris Hilton but only a man.
People will get tired of republicans by '08. Look at the canadian elections for an example.  It will be a democrat and it will be either hillary or gov. mark warner of virginia.[/DIV]But in '06 im protesting going to vote for the socialist canidate if one is running. But most likely the liberitarian canidate will only be the third option so he or she gets my vote.
sorry about the seahawks.
I was just shocked to see the changes. Funny how this thing has been upgraded already and DV hasn't.
My question is why did you do it?