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Nice pad, Gopher!!

Fall showed and winter was conceived all in the last three days.
Busy times, otherwise. 
Congrats purelife! Fantastic.

The bed is rather hard, so I'm buying duvet covers to pad the bed at Goodwill, so sleeping properly is still a work in progress... but I have a box spring now.

So the fam is moving this weekend and I'm worried about the cat freaking out. He's a low maintenance indoor-outdoor cat entering into his glory years, where he mostly spends the day outside to sleep. Does anyone have an guidance and/or advice on what to do? Last thing I want to hear on the phone is that the cat ran away or something.

Mind blown.
No landline
No internet
Clarification on the internet: I'm tooo broke at the moment, but will more than likely cave in the next few weeks, as my sister is coming up in August, and she'll flip if she can't watch movies or something. It's also more of a political act. The only two options you have in this province are Bell or Videotron, the latter of which is Quebecor, the evil empire. Quebecor was formerly run by PKP, the most vicious man in Canada, known for union busting and firing actors and what not for not following orders or saying controversial things in public. French speaking performers and media personalities are afraid of him and supposedly a black list is out there... (thank god I'm an anglophone!)... Anyway, he owned all of the non-CBC media here, ala Berlusconi in Italy, and was appointed to chair Hydro Quebec before running with the PQ during the last election and now will soon become their leader. Now Quebecor is run by Brian (bleeping) Mulroney. What are the freaking odds. Only in Quebec...)

I might as well be living in the dark ages!
Had baked beans out of a can for breakfast, followed by cheese sandwiches. I'll make lentils again tonight. I need to eat a salad.

I know what you mean, Lil Me. Six years ago, at the airport in Minneapolis, I had a walleye sandwich before my connecting flight and I was unable to finish. I feel here in Quebec, Tim Hortons, anyway, does not abide by its new portion sizes for coffees and drinks, as the medium is still a medium and a small is a small.

So I finally finished my Hemingway project of his classics and read Old Man and the Sea.

As a single person, the metaphor of the fish being eaten by the sharks has now entered into my dating conversations for some reason. I talked about the meaning of the metaphor during a date last week... lol

Moved on to Berlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin. I have been meaning to read this for years.

And, I checked out St. Augustine's City of God for some reason last month. I have no idea what to do with it, both academically or for personal fulfillment. Any advice would be welcomed.

Coffee and grilled cheese from Tim Horton's. I'm out of food at home so I didn't pack a lunch.

Had mangos, bananas, and eggs for brunch.
Busy times over here. Things are moving fast, again.
Wedding in Vancouver was good (I may have already said this) and the farewell tour 2.0 through Seattle was reassuring - I've seen most of the neighbourhoods now and the gentrification is the same, boring self.

The apartment is taking shape. I have a bed, a cabinet, and two tables. For drapes, I bought a two dollar table cloth from dollarama and have been using it to block out the sun and create privacy in the bedroom. I'm still working on the bed frame.

I'm in the beginning stages/process of talking my way into forming a panel with a bunch of famous people so I can critique them during a conference next year in Florida. I'll see where my talking goes.

Raining here today.
I made pupusas, an El Salvadorian staple for dinner tonight, and I'm rather proud of the feat. Being poor never tasted so good. It took no more than 30 minutes to make. I found the corn flour at the low cost Chinese supermarket by my place today.

I splurged today. I went and bought a peach smoothie from McDonald's to go along with my PB&J.
I might splurge some more tonight and boil some green beans.

Quote from: Lil Me on Jun 26 14 04:05
I think I ate a Timmy's jalapeno bagel with cream cheese.

You think? I sure hope so!

2 PB&J sandwiches for lunch. Walmart bread is empty tasting.
I just had some rice, tofu and chick peas. I'm still cleaning the kitchen.

Hi Russ! I'm in Montreal. Where in the gulf are you?

Meat is meh. Fish is ok.
A friend of mine is from Finland. Hope you enjoy, Gopher.

So I finally bought a bed. I cried of joy while checking it out at IKEA. This performative act should have happened two and a half years ago.

To the end of insomnia! *raises beer can*
Cooked peas, black eyed beans and rice. My first cooked meal at the new place. I had sausage for dinner the night before, but the meat was tasteless - as is most meat for me. I don't understand meateaters at times. What's all the fuss? Lol 
Dry Cereal. I hope to have something more of substance when I get off this train. I had a falafel near Times Square around 2am.