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Hi everyone!  A year goes by so quickly!! My lil miss is growing up so fast. 
Hi everyone! 

The xmas tree stand sounds complicated Russ... *cough* buy a fake tree! *cough*  ;)
Congrats Natasha on making the Deans list!!!  whoop whoop  :)

All is well here, just been super duper busy and enjoying what is left of my maternity leave before I head back to work.  *sniffles*

Facebook has my vote. :)
Quote from: Russ on Apr 21 12 04:23
They are giving us a generous severance package even though we are guaranteed jobs elsewhere withing the comany.. enough that Im taking till september off. Why not.

What a sweet deal!  I'm sure you're going to enjoy your time off with your family.  :)

I've been really busy.  I think most of you know that I had my baby girl on April 3rd, 3 days over due weighing 10 lbs 2 oz.  This month is busy with my brother's wedding.  I'm part of the bridal party which is exciting but scary at the same time because I'll be away from my daughter for 8 hrs and I know she'll be screaming her head off.  :(   I have to be at bride's home by 6am and then I don't get to see baby until around 1pm.

I hope all is doing well.
I came across this interesting image/quote:

Lunch was beef barley soup.
I have no idea what I'm making for dinner. 
Discover Seattle! / Re: E-Mail
Jan 31 12 09:43
Is the question if I have ever sent an e-mail while I'm in the nude or if I would ever send a pic of me when I'm in the nude?

Yes and no
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, Gophie.   :(

I totally agree with you Natasha.  Men as they age do look better and seem to be more comfortable in their own skin.  I have to say MrPL looks better now than 8 years ago, though mind you, he has packed on a few pounds but who doesn't in a relationship? lol. 
Welcome back home, Russ and hope you are feeling better. 

How's everyone doing?  I have one more month of work and I'm off!!  Super excited!
Congratulations to your brother who is getting married, Russ and in Jamaica!  How exciting!  My brother is also getting married but not until May and definitely not in Jamaica or anywhere tropical like that.

Hope you feel better soon too Russ.  I was also sick and couldn't take anything.  All I had was hot water/honey/lemon and lots of rest.  That seem to help tremondoulsy.  I miss the drugs.  It would knock me right out immediately.

Happy to hear that you are ultra happy Gophie! 

I have 9 more weeks of work and I'm off!!  Yippeeee, I can't wait!  I would love to leave earlier though, so we'll see. :)
Quote from: Russ on Dec 25 11 07:55

Fun Fact: did you know that any Costco item that ends in .97 is on clearance? They are either ending their season inventory, or will not be stocking that item again in teh future at that outlet. Not all outlets have teh same stuff.. depends on the demographic wants of the area of the outlet.

My friend taught me about that trick and I always keep my eyes open for those type of sales.  And I often keep my receipts for 40 days because of the price adjustments.  I've saved so much from keeping those receipts.
Girl clothes are the cuutest and you can never have enough!  I guess they learn young. ;)

We finished our Christmas grocery shopping tonight and surprisingly, stores weren't that busy.  We also purchased an ambulance Tonka toy that lights up and makes noises for $9.97 at Costco for the lil guy.  Can't go wrong with that!  Thank goodness he now has his own room (for now) so that all his toys are there.  I'll be giving some of his toys (and younger clothes) to our neighbor soon. 
I just checked out some of her photos on your wife's page.  OMG, she's all grown up now.  I love her faces and she's adorable for sure.  It sounds like she'll soon figure out which parent to go to get what she wants. ;) heehee

Well, after our company had the business process review, they laid off several people, probably close to around 20 but these people have been here for YEARS!  It's all due to restructuring, blah blah blah.  So, since we have an awesome package for those who get laid off, we won't see any surplus of income for another year or two.  But what surprised me was that we got a bonus this year.  My job is secure but I don't plan to come back after mat leave.  It's such a dead end job and I want something closer to home.  I'm also willing to sacrifice pay. 

Hopefully SS's job is secure. 
No Christmas shopping for us this year.  Lil guy got so spoiled that he doesn't need anything, plus, we spoil him throughout the year.  We did buy him the cutest backpack at duty free the other day.  He loves that we put his snacks in there and he can help himself when he needs it when we're out. 
Hi Everyone!!  Hope all is doing well.

Russ - That's very nice of you to cooperate with your fellow colleague about the holidays, Russ.  Do you get to skype with your family often?  You must post pics of your daughter at one years old!  She is looking mighty adorable.  It looks like it's gonna be hard to say "no" to her as she gets older. 

I treated myself to a delicious lunch at the Italian Kitchen's takeaway location and got the meatballs penne pasta with red pepper soup.  I am stuffed and my work space smells divine!  I figure that I'm allowed to spoil myself with an expensive lunch. :)