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I haven't logged on in years and didn't think I'd remember my password but I did!

Am dropping by to say hi. :)
We have a land line.  I don't really use my cell, more for texting than calls. 

I would love to cancel cable but not everyone is on the same boat as me.
Winter's Tale.
Loved the movie and need to start reading the book.   :)
Quote from: Russ on Jul 24 14 09:57
River Rock Casino for Buffet. It was the Summer BBQ time, so hamburgers, steak, chicken, etc, in addition to the normal weekday buffet.

I didn't think buffets were still around... is the casino one any good? 
Lil Me:  I'll share with you my top secret recipe for pulled pork.  It is the BEST and many who have had it says so as well.  I follow the instructions to a tee but then in the end when all is cooked, I separate the onions and pork from the fat.  I put the pork and onions back in pot and pour the juices and more later.  It really soaks it up.  You can't skimp out on buying a leaner pork meat.  I used the Costco pork loin once because it was all I had on hand and it's not the same.  The buns you buy need to be soft.  I use the fresh baked dinner rolls from Safeway. (

Salad for lunch.
Russ - Great job with the Plymouth!  It's a beauty!
SD - Thank goodness for a bed and Dollarama when you need it. 
Hi Lil Me and TB!
Great news on the cancer rates, Gophie!

I've already lost 35lbs since beginning of January.  I am feeling really good about my self control and actually have very little desire to binge eat.  It's about time that I get my body back.  I'm so done with having kids.  I still have a bit more to lose to get to my pre-relationship weight 11 yrs ago but I'm happy for now.
Quote from: Russ on Jun 25 14 03:38
Hello PL.
Little ones are doing well. Lil SS wears dresses and hats ALL the time now, sometimes two at once. Lil Russ is different than lil SS growing up. We noticed lil Russ is more curious and tries to touch and play with every little thing, while lil SS would want the stuff, but never really played with it. Lil Russ likes to follow lil SS around everywhere, and when she plays with something he tries to get involved. Big sister she is, she will push him down and he starts crying. Lol. He is days away from walking, he pulls himself up and walks along walls and couches, but can't let go yet.

How are things with you and the family?

Sounds like you have a typical girl and boy. :)  Mine are like that too, boy getting into things more than girls.  Aargh, my 4 yr old drives me bonkers sometimes.  There is never a dull moment in our household.  He is a little trouble maker for his own good.

I am looking into changing jobs, need something new and looking into getting some sort of creditation under my belt as I was a college drop out.  Time for change this year.
How are the folks there with all the deep fried food, Russ? 

egg salad again for lunch. 
Tomorrow, I don't need to make lunch as our office building is throwing its annual tenant party with yummy catered food. 
Hiya Russ, how are your little ones doing?! 

I love that she is a total girly girl.  She is such a breath of fresh air after having consecutive boys. 
My 2 yr old says "I fart" "I poop"  or "I pee" everytime she does it.  So lady like. 

She's so cute at this age...
Quote from: Russ on Jun 22 14 09:21
My daughter decided to help my wife feed my fish. Without telling anyone she grabbed two mighty handfulls of algae eater food and proceeded to feed the fish. Now the catch is that algae eater food, is well, algae for algae eaters, just a little ah concentrated.
The tank got a little murky.
Unfortunately one of my non algae eaters, an angelfish, died due to the algae boom.
My wife is trying to explain to my daughter, there are consequences to not listening, and no fishie is not coming back. Aparently not working.
Still trying to get our 4 yr old to listen... :P 
No blood running out of my meat, please! lol

I will always eat meat for as long as I live.  That's something I'm not willing to compromise...mmmm, bacon!  I will compromise on wheat and don't eat much of that any longer so when I do, I immediately notice more bloatedness and upset stomachs.

Lunch was my mish-mash salad again. :)  My colleague asks me if I get bored of the same thing for lunch and I say no because I mix up what I place in it. 
annoying left eye under eye-lid twitching going on all day long
Quote from: Gopher on Jun 12 14 12:52
Probably chicken in black bean sauce. Not tried it before.
Black bean garlic sauce is yumm!  How did it turn out?