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Oh wow.  I don't know if I can go back to drinking all night and posting on DV like it's 2006.
Sorry to hear, Natasha.

I do hope that 2016 turns around for you.
Fried minute steak, boiled potatoes, bok choy.
Opened a nice bottle of red, cuz I feel like I deserve it.
Been a rough week.  Plumbing leak in the basement, so restoration company, plumbers, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Happy New Years Russ and Goph

Any New Years Resolutions?  I've just arrived home after being away for the holidays- so still thinking about mine.
So, what happens when you are onboard ship?  No phone?

Russ, what do you use for stock when you do hot pot?  We have hot pot with sukiyaki sauce a couple of times a year, but I could use some other ideas.

Had Papa John's Pizza at brother in laws house.
I only do pastry once a year, and it's for Tourtiere: French Canadian meat pies we have at Xmas.  Made 2 and froze them.  Will bake them during the holidays at my brother-in-law's house.

Lunch was salad from the Save On Deli and dinner was take-out from T&T. We got 2 x (4 dishes with rice), a side of spicy tofu and and side of BBQ sausage.  4 of us (including 2 hungry teenagers) ate take-out for under $20. #winning
Quote from: TehBorken on Dec 15 15 08:44
Maybe 30 minutes or so, not too bad.
In Seattle traffic, that must be a land speed record!
Latkes is the fried potato pancake for Hanukkah.  Terrible for you but a nice treat once a year! (

This weekend we were invited to Mr LM's work Xmas party for his new job.  Nicest work Xmas party I've ever been to! We got picked up and driven to a beautiful restaurant with a view.  3 course meal with a choice of steak or salmon and some really great wine. I hadn't met the coworkers or partners before but found that the people were all really, really nice.

I was wondering what was going to happen with the free flowing alcohol and rides home provided, but everyone was really well behaved and respectful.  Sure, we probably drank a bit more than we would if we had been driving, but it was all work-appropriate...except perhaps for the boss, who was hammered!

Cooked a beef roast, Greek roast potatoes and broccoli for dinner.  It was the first Sunday in a long time that I was actually home during the day, so it seemed a good thing to do.  Watched Downton Abbey online and enjoyed the smell of dinner cooking.
Enjoy the human contact!

Much of the work I am doing right now is independent subcontracted stuff, so I sometimes feel a bit isolated working from home.
Going to make latkes and salad for din din.  Happy Hanukkah everyone!
Congratulations on your new job, TB? ???

Must have been a nice time of year to be in Florida, Russ.  Lucky you!

I'm thinking about getting a start on Xmas baking and present wrapping and such.  We're leaving for the brother-in-law's house in about a week, so I should really get a move-on.  Going to make 2 tourtiere meat pies and freeze them.  Shortbread using the shortbread mold, squares, tarts, etc.
Granola and yoghurt for brekky.
Didn't eat lunch.
Dinner will be panfried cube steak with boiled taters and broccoli.
I giggle every time BC Ferries calls someone back to the car deck because their car is still running.  I'm not sure how people get distracted and forget to shut off the car.  Keyless ignition maybe?!
Lunch was Campbells Cream of Mushroom.

Dinner is going to be chicken schnitzel and salad.  I contemplated schnitzel and chow mein, but...nah.  Salad it is!